Comment on Commenting Policy by David.

In the words of the British National Party : Enough is Enough!

Since I’m constantly getting accused by BNP supporters of either being a UAF/Searchlight activist and/or working for the Labour/Conservative/Liberal Democrat parties (my paymasters) to keep down the BNP on my general election site and not to mention being accused on being undemocratic and against free speech every five minutes I see no loss in my decision below.

I’m sure this will confirm to the BNP and it’s supporters everything they believe about me, so well done, you had an opportunity to discuss BNP policies on a site not run by a BNP supporter (giving your views credibility) in an open way and instead many of you went out of your way to both ruin non BNP political discussions on my general election 2010 website and damage my reputation! I have moderated comments on sites like this for almost 8 years without a single serious complaint until this site!

I have better things to do with my time than moderate retarded comments about a political party that holds no real political power, so as of now if you don’t post a productive comment it will be deleted (that goes for everyone).

The general election poll will be sanitised of democracy as someone put it, with the BNP as a voting option being removed, BNP votes will go to the “Other Political Parties”, the BNP supporters will then have no reason to cheat in the poll and then bitch about it when caught out.

I’ll be deleting some old comments that are not productive which I’m sure will go down well by the BNP commenter’s. If you want to discuss politics in an open and mature way your comments will not be deleted. If you plan to spout retarded BNP conspiracies that anyone not BNP is a UAF troll or works for the Lib/Lab/Con gang expect your comment to be deleted.

BNP comments will still be allowed under relevant BNP pages (BNP policy pages for example), but that’s it, if you post a BNP comment under a non BNP page it will no longer be moved to the correct page (which takes a lot of my time) it will be deleted without warning.

I created this site to discuss important political issues and from now on that’s what this site will discuss : I’d rather have no comments than what we have now!

BNP supporters still have the opportunity to discuss BNP issues (some are important), but it will be under my rules not theirs.

If you want a website that allows BNP supporters to post whatever they like without risk of non BNP supporters calling their statements into question I recommend going to the main BNP website where free speech is sanitised in the BNP’s favor.

If you don’t like it, don’t visit my site and certainly don’t comment.


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