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In my opinion the reason the BNP supporters now have such a big issue with this website is fairly simple and David has already hit it right on the head:

1. When the site was running wild with all pro-BNP they were more than happy as they had the place to themselves.

2. When anti-BNP people started posting they couldn’t cope with the level of decent, thoughtout comments being posted and had no real answers to them and therefore they changed tactic to complaining about not being allowed a voice.

3. Then they switch tactic again by trying to get David to either ban me or force me to change my user name, because they didn’t like the number of times my name appeared on the site.

What the BNP supporters don’t actually realse is that it would be so easy to silence people like me and that’s to provide evidence that supports the BNP’s wild claims and shows that their policies could actually work in the real world.

However rather than going down this road they decided to stick to the standard BNP methods of attacking people calling them UAF paid by other parties etc; which doesn’t actually hold any weight with the real voting public out there in Britain.

So the only way to actually defeat people who speak against the BNP is to debate with them and prove them wrong, something that hasn’t happened on this website as yet.

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Well employment schemes are my specialist subject David, so I look forward to debating that one with you :-) … or with myself lol …

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Commenting Policy

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OOps lol, you can delete these two as well then David you beat me too it :) …