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Thanks for the suggestion, problem with a tagline like “The UK General Election 2010 website is apolitical” there’s a LOT of British people who won’t know what apolitical means and it’s not completely true anyway. I am biased, if I add a tagline that suggests otherwise it’s not being truthful.

Which do visitors find better?

The UK General Election 2010 website is NOT pro BNP…

UK General Election 2010 site is not affiliated with any political party including Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats, UKIP, Greens, BNP

That is the absolute maximum number of characters I can use (one more and it takes another line). A bit of a mouthful, but accurate.

I’ve added the tagline to here which holds the party news and early day motions: it’s a separate installation of WordPress and is 100% automated now (did have it under another domain, but moved it back here).

BTW the party order is based on the popular vote percentage at the 2005 election, not to put the BNP last to signify anything.

I was looking at the comment rating plugin as the thumbs down votes are still counted (so some are still negative values which is confusing to new visitors). I found the author has a paid version that only allows one vote per IP. I’m using the free version, as I’m always logged into this site I only get to vote on a comment once, so didn’t realise a guest visitor (everyone but me!) can vote multiple times (not in quick succession, but over hours/days)! Looking for an alternative plugin, so probably won’t be using this one long now I know it has a big flaw!


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Commenting Policy

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