Comment on Commenting Policy by oswald cobblepot.

Hi David,

I’m an American reading your site and I just have to say in fair criticism that adding (… is not pro BNP) is very juvenile. If you are trying to be objective wouldn’t it be better to say (… we support no party)? Maybe what I’m saying to you is foreign because I’m American educated. Certainly if I was running a site here, I would say that because when you make statements that are derogatory toward 1 party you have lost you objectivity and you will taint how people will react. Let people be themselves. Let them write what they want so long as it’s peaceful. The UK is *supposed* to be a free country. My 2 grandfathers came there during WWII. Were they wasting their time and being injured to bring about a communist/fascist state? Screw this NWO system of conformity! I think you’re better than that.