Comment on Commenting Policy by David.

Nice muddying the water there.

According to your comment above:

When Terence or other BNP supporters refer to Liebor they are referring to Labour MPs.

When I refer to the BNP as Nazi sympathisers, I’m referring to BNP supporters not BNP potential politicians (they have no MPs) like Nick Griffin.

Why is it when Terence refers to Liebor he means MPs’ but when I refer to BNP Nazi sympathisers I’m referring to BNP supporters (members of the public like yourself)?

I don’t care that much if you or any other BNP supporter is a Nazi sympathiser or racist, if the BNP gain power you won’t be setting policy. I care what potential BNP MPs believe though, if they have sympathies to Nazi ideologies I DO NOT want them in power and neither should you.

I don’t think I’ve referred generally to BNP supporters as BNP Nazi sympathisers or racist, (if I did suggest this I didn’t intend to) though I’m sure some are Nazi/racist, just like I’m sure there are some Labour/Conservative/Lib Dem voters who are also Nazi sympathisers and racist.

I’m interested in the people who run the BNP, people like Nick Griffin who has been shown to have Nazi ideologies and racist views.

If the BNP leaders do not have Nazi sympathies why is it so easy to link the BNP with Nazi like groups in other countries etc…?

Why on Earth would a British person who wants to be one of our politicians want to associate themselves with Ku Klux Klan members who openly hate black people and murder them?

BTW a lot of what you say are proven facts that Labour lie are not facts. I agree Labour lie, Conservatives lie, Lib Dems lie, BNP lie… what’s your point? Would have been easier to say all politicians lie, not completely true (I’m sure some are honest), but as a group they do have a reputation of being liars (few would argue with this). When they aren’t lieing out right they are spinning the truth.


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