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David, the FULL speech is in the “labour mp’s, gordon brown ” site!
You also state, “he can’t expect to be able to call the Labour party liars and not have similar mentioned about the BNP in return, that wouldn’t be fair: if Labour are liars, the BNP are Nazi sympathisers” , in respect of some of Terences posts!
However it is a proven fact that labour has been PROVED to be liars on their TRUE immigration policy which was to covertly flood Britain with immigrants over the last 12 years or so in order to diffuse the indiginous vote & keep themselves in power! Also it has been conclusively proved that they lied on the true reasons for the war in Iraq! Strong doubt has been cast on the “global warming” figures produced by the university of E Anglia but again no labour politician will query that as it conflicts with their apologist policy to the 3rd world, blaming us the west, for ALL the worlds ills, rather than point out that uncontrolled population growth, corruption & mismanagement is the REAL cause of their woes! The vast majority of BNP supporters are NOT nazi’s or racist, just normal Britons who are sick to death with the corruption & deceit of the lib/lab/con profesional politicians who continually IGNORE their concerns & aspirations!
But I doubt if any apology will be forthcoming as you appear to be too brainwashed to see the truth!

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David, so you continue to deny that your beloved “nulabour” has, & continues to, LIE to the British public on immigration & reasons for war!! …

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David, Thanks for the explanations! …

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David, you say that posting on your “privately owned site” is a “privilege not a right” surely this is hardly correct as You say that setting up & running sites …

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