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David, you say that posting on your “privately owned site” is a “privilege not a right” surely this is hardly correct as You say that setting up & running sites like this is your business and that your remuneration results from the traffic generated, so by definition it is an open site!
Yes I understand that there have to be rules and you can ban posters, unfortunately it seems to be one way, anti BNP! Other uaf type posters CONTINUALLY denigrate pro BNP posters with terms such as knuckledraggers, thugs, criminals, nazi’s etc and occasionally resort to foul language, with not one peep from you to moderate them!
You say that you wanted to encourage open & free debate, yet continually post anti BNP sentiments whilst openly supporting labour and actually state on your heading “is not pro BNP”, when it would have been more neutral to say that ALL shades of political opinion were welcome providing they adhered to guidelines set by you!
You have also openly broken one of your own rules by posting IN FULL one of browns speeches!
Finally, what happened to the rule that once a post got more than a certain number of thumbs down it would be hidden?

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Commenting Policy

David, so you continue to deny that your beloved “nulabour” has, & continues to, LIE to the British public on immigration & reasons for war!! …

Commenting Policy

David, the FULL speech is in the “labour mp’s, gordon brown ” site!
You also state, “he can’t expect to be able to call the Labour party liars and not have …

Commenting Policy

David, Thanks for the explanations! …

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