Comment on Commenting Policy by David.

“David I came to this site from the bnp web page no one told me to come here I came just to vote”

So you found a link on the main website of the political party called the British National Party (BNP) and you don’t see those links posted by other BNP supporters and activists begging BNP supporters to visit my site and vote BNP in the polls to make it look like the BNP have widespread support as a campaign to get BNP supporters onto my site?

If you believe that you are a deluded fool.

I can’t stop anyone promoting this site for their own political agenda, but to deny it’s happening is dumb.

“Then I noticed the comments, the title vote no bnp angered me, as it is blatant and biased unfair”

Terence you have a Union Jack Flag with the letters BNP across it, how is that any different to what Vote No To BNP does with his posting name? You also include on almost very comment Vote BNP or similar.

Other than you are pro BNP and Vote No To BNP is anti-BNP please explain to me why what you are doing is OK, but what Vote No To BNP does is not OK?

Would you stop all the lib/lab/con are traitors/liars stuff Terence? It’s no different to anyone else saying Nick Griffin is a holocaust denier who is the leader or a political party with a racist history.

BNP supporter double standards again.

“He attacks the bnp with venom.”

And you attack anything not BNP with venom, what’s the difference?

“Yet you accuse the bnp of promoting it self in fact we are in defence of this biased character”

No, the pro BNP supporters came here first and filled my site with pro BNP comments, if the number of pro BNP comments was a true representation of their support across the country (under 5%) then Vote No To BNP would never have even visited my site let alone post so much. He is here because you and other pro BNP supporters are posting pro BNP comments.

So get your facts straight on this one Terence, the pro BNP comments came first.

Vote No To BNP is trying to stop people like you turning this website into a promotional website for the BNP.

You are giving BNP supporters a bad name if you don’t understand these basic facts Terence!

“You say I should not use lib/lab/con or you will call the bnp nazi”

No, I said don’t use phrases like Liebor or I post FACTS about the BNP and refer to the BNP as the British Nazi Party.

More BNP double standards. It’s OK for you and other BNP supporters to call Labour, Liebor but it’s not OK for me to call the BNP, British Nazi Party. Why Terence, please explain?

Note: I don’t want to call the BNP British Nazi Party, but if that’s where you want to drag the level of the debate, so be it. Be aware ever time you’ve done it I will add a comment below it which includes British Nazi Party, so don’t think I’ve forgot about this.

That said I’d rather discuss policies and political news.

“I am not attempting to promote the BNP it does not need me to do that, I must point out I am not a political person.”

Terence this is total BS, you said

“i am a membr and activist (posting attending meetings i have got to like attending meetings as the people seem nice friendly and concerned like my self)! i do not wish to be an activist but I feel I have to do it for my grandchildren I am not a political person but I hate injustice,”

Reasons to Vote British National Party : BNP 2010 General Election

A member and an activist Terence, you say you don’t want to be, but you are. You also said you donated £3,000 this year to the BNP, though that appears to be a lie. So please don’t lie about your reasons for being here, you are here to promote the BNP.

“So why? Do you keep pulling me up on my comments yet allow the opposition a free hand!!”

I’ve explained this in great detail, maybe I need to use smaller words!

The comments of yours I deleted are vote BNP rubbish, no value, no debate value, no point leaving them on the site. It’s not because they are pro BNP, they are poor quality comments that damage debate.

Vote No To BNP’s comments are far better thought out than yours Terence, they are not a mad rant about Stalin and Marxist rubbish, they are debatable comments with value.

Post similar quality comments and I won’t delete them.

I’ll add I’ve not had to do what I’m doing to your comments to any other commenter and there’s plenty of pro BNP comments here. Also I’ve NOT deleted almost 400 of your comments.

“So I only comment to negate vote no!”

That’s kind of funny as Vote No To BNP comments to balance your negative BNP comments. Do you see a pattern yet Terence? I’ll draw you a picture.

You post vote BNP, he posts don’t vote BNP, You post vote BNP, he posts don’t vote BNP, You post vote BNP, he posts don’t vote BNP, You post vote BNP, he posts don’t vote BNP, You post vote BNP, he posts don’t vote BNP, You post vote BNP, he posts don’t vote BNP……

Do you now see the pattern?

Vote No To BNP can out comment you both in number and quality, so you can not ‘win’ him through keep posting the same sort of stuff you keep posting. To ‘win’ you’d have to engage him in reasoned debate and show your argument is better than his.

For example tell us how the BNP National Service policy and voting will work, do you even agree with it?

It’s no good spouting the same old tired BNP troll like crap that the lib/lab/con are evil and the BNP are God’s gift to Britain. Come on Terence use that keyboard to form a valid argument as to why we should vote for the BNP, NOT why we shouldn’t vote for the others (we know they all suck, but so do the BNP).

“As I believe he is A communist or UAF he refuses to reveal a name so he in my opinion is suspect!”

Sheesh Terence, you sound like a complete conspiracy nut when you post stuff like the above! What the hell does his real name have to do with anything, if he posted under the name John Smith would you then not believe the conspiracy crap you just posted?

Terence you are on the wrong website of mine, you might find yourself more at home here: It’s after BNP supporters started mentioning conspiracies I linked to my conspiracy theories site on the menu, before that I didn’t think to link them together.

“I have said before I voted Liebor all my life”#

There you go with the Liebor rubbish again, do you want me to dig out more British Nazi Party facts and post them after this? Come on use your brain Terence, this is my website I can post anything I like, don’t force me to deal with your posting style this way.


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