Comment on Commenting Policy by David.

Terence, I’ve not blocked your comments, I’ve been deleting the ones that are of the form:

Vote BNP and nothing added to the debate (there’s a lot like that).

Also any that don’t make sense being added to a particular comment thread.

You posted a link to the BNP climate change page (nothing else, just a link) under a comment thread discussing soldiers pay. What the heck has BNP climate change conspiracies got to do with soldiers pay?

You are ruining the debates by posting small comments with nothing but hate towards the main parties, who seriously wants to read this rubbish?


It adds nothing to the comment threads you post this on.

Create a well thought out comment that you have put effort into and I won’t delete it as it adds value to the comments.

I could easily setup a commenting script to choose from say 50 short copy and paste comments to randomly post stuff like:

“Vote Labour, Gordon Brown will save the world :-)”

I could even set it up to post under different names and email addresses so it looked like unique visitors and it would completely ruin the site. The same would be true if someone like Vote No To BNP started posting small comments after every pro BNP comment in the form

“The BNP are numpties, Vote No To The BNP”.

It’s easy for any one of us to do what you are doing, small party political messages that add nothing to the debates and only further your agenda.

I’m afraid you are going to find every time you post that way it will be deleted, same is true for anyone else posting that way. I’ll let the odd one through when it kind of makes sense, but not as many as you have been doing Terence.

Please take a quick read of for my reasons for change in commenting and moderation policy.

If you don’t like it, don’t comment.

I’ll be moving this comment thread to that page later as it makes more sense to hold a discussion like this there.

BTW there’s already “a mass campaign against this biased site” by the BNP, it’s probably how you found the site in the first place Terence (and I can check through the logs to find your first visit, where you came from if you like?).


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