Comment on Commenting Policy by David.

Vote No To BNP came to the site after I posted on the Facebook group “1,000,000 United Against the BNP” asking for new commenter’s to balance the pro BNP comments: it was 90% pro BNP comments then and I didn’t know a great deal about the BNP and couldn’t cope with all the comments on my own (I’m not normally a prolific commenter).

You as a BNP supporter might not like Vote No To BNP’s comments or his posting name**, but I’m very grateful for his help balancing the comments on my site. Without him and others like him this site would come across to new visitors as an extreme BNP promotional site and it certainly is not pro BNP: I dislike what the BNP stand for, the people who run the BNP and what they’d do to our country if they ever gained power!

If you haven’t clicked on yet Terence, Vote No To BNP can easily out debate AND out comment any pro BNP supporter that’s commented on my site so far and the only way the pro BNP commenter’s could ‘win’ is by debating with him and showing their arguments are stronger than his. So far no one has come close to beating Vote No To BNP in debate with a convincing argument for voting BNP.

Alternatively you could do like Sarah (plans to vote UKIP) has done and take a step back from party politics and have a reasoned debate on the political issues that effect everyone who cares about Britain. Sarah is getting her point across (her reasons for possibly voting UKIP) and Vote No To BNP is getting his points across (reasons for voting Conservative) and I’m reading their comments with great interest. Those types of comments is why I made this site.

Why not get involved in the debate Terence and explain beyond lab/con/lib are all liars and the BNP are all awesome and describe what you want from government and maybe we can all find some common ground (almost everyone who has posted on the site has an issue with immigration including me). I’m sure you’ll have some valid arguments beyond the vote BNP stuff. You must realise you are going to be stuck with either a Labour or Conservative controlled government for another 5 years and your only hope as a BNP supporter is to convince enough people to vote BNP to get a few BNP MP’s next year to build on in the future.

You’ll note I, Sarah and Vote No To BNP rarely end comments with:

Vote Labour, UKIP or Conservative, we don’t need to our arguments support our reasons for voting for a particular party, it’s up to the reader to decide if they agree with those reasons or not and make their own voting decision. When you and others end comments with Vote BNP you encourage those against the BNP (that includes me) to post anti BNP comments to balance the comments.

** Regarding commenter names, beyond using offensive words I have no issues with any name, someone posted under “Vote Yes To BNP” for example. Everyone gets the option to use any name they want, I take it you don’t have a problem with “Richard the bnp Meerkat”? I don’t, it’s quite amusing, I love Meerkats, used to watch an Animal Planet series called Meerkat Manor which is very interesting, cool little creatures.


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