Comment on Commenting Policy by David.

New BNP comments policy

The BNP comments have damaged the original intention for my general election 2010 website. I wanted to discus the main parties policies, not BNP conspiracies and other nutty ideas!

The BNP will be lucky to gain a few MPs next general election and no one would be surprised if like every other general election they gained zero parliamentary seats.

The BNP are currently all but irrelevant to British politics beyond a way for irritated British people to cast a damaging protest vote (a kick in the teeth)! And yet their supporters are more vocal than all the other parties put together many, many times (shouting loudest does not make your political arguments sound or right).

I’ll be moving the VAST majority of BNP comments from the “Who will you vote for in the 2010 general election poll” page to relevant BNP policy pages.

If BNP supporters decide to make the comments negative regarding BNP discussions it’s your own BNP policy pages you cause the damage to and as only those interested in reading about the BNP are likely to read your comments, you hurt your own cause not the political parties 95% of the electorate vote for.

The poll pages comments I’ll be trying to keep clear of BNP comments beyond what is reasonable based on their electoral support: the BNP receive below 5% of the popular vote, so only 5% of posts on the poll page should be mostly about the BNP.

Yes it’s called moderation, if I don’t do something BNP supporters will completely ruin what I wanted this site for.

Since it’s a real pain in the butt moving comments I’m going to create a temporary home for them and move all comments off the poll page in one go, then move back only those I choose.

So do me a favour and try to post new BNP comments under a BNP page as it’s only going to get moved by me anyway. I don’t want to delete comments, but it’s becoming very tempting just to select loads of pro BNP comments that add nothing to the site and delete them!


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