Comment on Coalition Governments : Can Labour and the Liberal Democrats Play Nice? by David.

I’m a Liberal Democrat lackey now hey, on another post a commenter is calling me a Labourite.

I guess I can’t win.

Over the last few days I’ve changed my position on who I’m going to vote for on May 6th.

I still generally support Labour principles, but Labour’s government is struggling for new ideas, I’ve always been concerned at the big brother nature of Labour and with the recent Lib Dem support they might actually win.

For me a

Labour win
Lib Dem win
Labour/Lib Dem coalition government

Is better than any government involving the Conservatives.

And despite all this you can if you want post comments supporting any political party. That’s the whole point of having open comments, they are there for debate.

It’s a shame a small percentage of people don’t understand this and use the opportunity to try to convince others (100,000 visitors a week to the site) as to why their view is the right one while engaging in interesting political debate.


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