Nothing is Safe From the Chancellor Not Even Essential Services.

George Osborne has indicated that Incapacity Benefit (a benefit for disabled people under the state pension age) may be cut.

George Osborne said he wants to protect those in “genuine need” while encouraging those who could work to do so.

Currently in the UK over 2.5m people are on incapacity benefit or employment support allowance costing about £12.5bn a year.

I’m a little worried at the prospect of Chancellor George Osborne cutting Incapacity benefit, it is a very fragile and dangerous thing to fiddle with. Benefits they are a little like Jenga, wrong bricks it falls apart, right bricks it stay’s upright quite a risky business.

In the past a minority of people have scammed the benefit system, like people who say they are so crippled they can’t walk and claim Incapacity Benefit then the next day their caught on CCTV playing football on a park.

But if the system is changed and altered in the wrong way too much then the opposite could happen, a deserving disabled worker could fall through the cracks and not be able to claim, hurting that deserving person and making them suffer when the scam-artist would literally ‘run off’ with the cash scot-free.

But don’t get me wrong my words serve only as a caution but <strong>NOT</strong> a prediction of the future.

I hope George Osborne and other Ministers proceed with caution and be careful and think every step carefully or things could get a little messy and people in need could get hurt.

George Osborne has stated in the past that nothing will be spared from the cuts, which in my opinion nothing should be really ring-fenced just some wasteful services to be treated harsher than essential or front line daily needs.

We have to pardon George for some of his inexperience but any major mistakes he makes the blame should land squarely on his shoulders.

Artist/Author: Caleb Law age: 13