Comment on Can Labour Win the General Election? by john hopper.

The irresponsible members of parliament and all bureaucrats merit the death penalty, they are murderers, thieves,liars,and these fascists cowards are the reason why workers live in misery with no future, production has been destroyed and the future can only be created if everyone who needs ,food,housing,clothing,medical care,holidays transport,and any other thing to need to live happily take part in producing what they consume. All in authority should be made personally responsible for their actions as was the case in real Democracy,which has become a dictatorship, where the guilty scum are rewarded if they fail and the innocent have to pay. If the criminal Gordon Brown is kicked out he will instead of being punished be rewarded with millions. What kind of system is this ????? We demand freedom of speech,and liberty from these fascist little Hitlers, known as bureaucrats, we dont need to be told what to do by these cowardly DICTATORS, SMASH THE LAW ANS CREATE JUSTICE,SMASH THE POLICE AND CREATE SECURITY,SMASH BUREAUCRACY AND CREATE EMPLOYMENT,THE TRADE UNIONS FUNCTIONS TO HELP MANAGEMENT AND THE JOBS OF THEIR MEMBERS AND NOT TO MAKE IMPOSIBLE DEMANDS THAT LEADS TO THE WORKERS LOSING THEIR JOBS AS AT PRESENT.ALL BUSINESSES WOULD BESIDES PAYING A LIVING WAGE SHARE 50% OF THE PROFITS WITH THE WORKERS, AND ALL WOULD HAVE THE OBJECTIVE OF PRODUCING MORE AT A LOWER COST. HEALTH AND SAFETY WOULD BE MADE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE IF THEY MADE EXCESIVE DEMANDS AND WOULD HAVE TO PAY OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS IF ANYTHING WAS NOT COMMON SENSE. SMASH THE BUREAUCRATS IN THE HEALTH SERVICE AND ALLOW THOSE WHO WORK TO USE THEIR BRAINS AND INICIATIVE, AND PAY THOSE WHO DO PHYSICAL WORK REAL MONEY.REMEMBER THAT IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR IT IS ONLY THOSE WHO DO PHYSICAL WORK WHO WE NEED, THE REST ARE PARASITES. Without bureaucrats in the NHS COST WOULD BE HALF AND ALL WOULD BE CARED WITHOUT WAITING WITH MORE IN EQUIPMENT. All Doctors would be made personally responsible as all staff for their actions.
The law would be made to punish criminals and protect the public,the guilty of crimes woul be punished and not rewarded as at present. The death penalty for serious crimes,terrorism,illtreatment and sexual abuse of children, and other bestial offences would be used sparingly,as a greater punishment than a quick death would be alife of severe physical retribution. There is more but havent time.