Watched Question Time the other night and a young man in the audience said:

“The longer we can avoid David Cameron the better.”

And there was a big applause, think the biggest of the program, see around 3 minutes 30 seconds of the Question Time clip below:

There was also a very funny joke by Ken Clarke (around 2 mins 10 seconds).

I’m a Labour voter, but I was very surprised at the response and had pretty much given up any hope Labour could win the next general election, at best was hoping for a hung parliament with a coalition government between Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

I’m sure many Labour voters feel the same way as I do, not happy with Labour recently, but sure as hell don’t want a Conservative government again!

I can’t bring myself to trust the Conservatives and it does sound like had they been in power when the credit crunch hit, many more people would be unemployed and struggling now.

Maybe there’s still hope for a Labour win?