I know it’s very early days for Ed Miliband as the new Labour leader, but I’m interested in know how others feel about his chances of steering Labour up to the next general election and beyond?

Is Ed Miliband a breath of fresh air for the Labour party, taking a small step to the center left putting clear blue water between Labour and the Tories or;

The equivalent of the Conservatives Ian Duncan Smith who also didn’t have the full support of his parties MPs/MEPs during his party leadership elections and didn’t do too well as the Conservative party leader (putting it mildly :-)???

I thought David Miliband would easily win the Labour party leadership election (it was very close) and can understand why he’s stepped down from the shadow Labour cabinet for now (I doubt he’ll be out at the next general election though).

I do have a problem with Ed Miliband standing against his brother, had David Miliband won I don’t see how it would have damaged Ed’s political career, but the current results made it so difficult for David Miliband to remain in the media spot light over shadowing his brother the new Labour leader. I don’t think I could have done something like that to my older brother IF I was close to him!

David Law