Comment on Broken Britain, Broken Society and the BIG Society by Neil Mc.

Cameron’s “Big Society” is probably intended to be similar to Thatcher’s. People often forget that, prior to the spring of 1982, she was one of the Most unpopular prime ministers Britain has had. She made her name, or so-called reputation, because of a colonial aberration for a few weeks in April-June 1982 – the Falklands War. Her governments NEVER received the support of more than 35% of the electorate, and she virtually declared war on a section of her own society. That is, in a large measure, what has led to a great many of today’s social problems. Prior to Thatcher, Tory governments had always ruled with a measure of consensus – after Thatcher the Tories tried very hard to destroy all of our hard-won public services which give a measure of support to the socially and economically disadvantaged. The Tories have not changed their spots and will continue to do so. Many of them, given half a chance, would return Britain to the Victorian era (some Tories often publicly speak of Victorian values – the reality is that Victorian Britain was a country of abject poverty for the vast majority).

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