Comment on Broken Britain, Broken Society and the BIG Society by Joe.

The “Big Question,” which the Conservatives have to answer, and which David Cameron does not explain, is how he is going to persuade the rest of Britain, particularly those who put their faith in money, to work for nothing, in order to deliver his “Big Society?”

Because secular society put its faith in money, we are in a credit crunch in which nobody can see where the money is going to come from, but if religious groups feel that, in the ”Big Society,” their members are being sidelined, where is all the goodwill going to come from?

Gordon Brown says that New Labour is going to be, “guided by a sense of fairness,” but, in all fairness, how long can he continue to rely on the goodwill and support of those who put their faith in God, while he denies their right to openly profess that faith, or teach it to their children?

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