Comment on Broken Britain, Broken Society and the BIG Society by Mark Lees.

Labour and the Lib Dems share an ideology that the state should control and run everything. At the moment approx 48% of the countries economy is dependant on the state. That is clearly unsustainable, because the state is requiring huge loans to keep up. The only other way would be huge tax hikes, which would reduce the amount of money to spend and reduce the private sector further, increasing the burden on the state again.

We have to reduce the size of the state and do what we can to increase the private sector. The party best equipped to do this is the Tories. All other considerations should be put aside until the national debt is under control.

I also support the Tories plans to “repair” society. It may not be completely broken, but increasingly people are entering into a blame culture, not taking responsibility for themselves. People survive on benefits and complain they can’t get a job because of their parents, or school or the government. It is that idea that needs to change. Their may not always be jobs but very few people are entirely unemployable.

Somebody complained that the Tories are labelling all people out of work with the same brush by saying they are getting tough on people unwilling to work. That simply isn’t true. They are saying they will cut benefits for people who turn paid work down. If you are not offered a job you wil still recieve the benefits. The only other benefit they are proposing is for people on high incomes, which I don’t think can be considered making the middle class richer as somebody else on here mentioned.

The Tories are always against it because their are such a huge number of people who would vote Labour even if Hitler was in charge, but they are the party most likely to save us from the financial mess an overly large state as put us in.

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