Comment on Broken Britain, Broken Society and the BIG Society by casper.

My two pence worth (unless the Lib Dems get in and that will be 3 cents worth)
Continue to try and spend our way out of trouble by trying to stimulate the economy. Risks if we over spend and other countries feel we can not repay our debts at this point we are in big trouble. Greece is an example with the risk with Portugal, Ireland and Spain to follow. To bigger a risk. With Labour there is too much badly spent money. Spend yes but don’t waste it on committees and suchlike.
Lib Dems
Scare me the most. First live debate both Con and Lab went easy on him due to the risk of a hung parliament and possible future partnerships. As immigration seems one of the biggest concerns today his amnesty for 600,000 illegal immigrants goes against the majority of what the population is thinking on top of that he will allow them to bring one additional family member making it 1.2 million of which 600,000 were illegal in the first place.
To become a fully fledged member of Europe would mean our taxes would now be propping up Greece (look how annoyed the Germans are now). Not forgetting his position on Nuclear weapon. They are a deterrent. If he allows Iraq to develop Nuclear technology what next..
Just not sure I believe all he says
But honestly to my mind not as scary as the rest and the other parties crazy ideas