Is it just me or do others find it not only unpatriotic, but also unhelpful to refer to British society as broken, especially coming from a bloody Tory?

Britain is not broken.
Society is not broken.
And while we are at it, Britain is not bankrupt.

David Cameron is arguing Britain is not as nice as it used to be and only the Conservatives can make Britain Great again by embracing what he calls the Big Society.

I accept Britain has serious problems with anti-social behaviour etc…, but lets not forget where the majority of today’s problems in Britain started, it started with Margaret Thatcher who believed there was no British society!!!

Yes, a Tory PM actually said there is no British society, what sort of message does that send to the young of a country, what does that do to communities?

We watched a TV program the other week (might have been the One Show) and it looked at children from different generations. In the past (60s kids) had said their role models where their Mum, Dad, The Queen and even a Prime Minister. The same question to kids today and their role models were celebrities and pop stars (forget which ones) none said Mum or Dad!

We had 18 years of Tory selfishness, where we were taught to step over the down trodden, turn a blind eye to the homeless and pretty much do anything YOU can to get on in life and sod your neighbours!

My wife was out with the kids a couple of years back and an old man fell in the road, she immediately ran to assist him as did another woman (most people walked on by). A car with a man at the wheel and his children in the back stopped in front of the old man (had cut his head in the fall) and honked his horn to hurry my wife and the other woman helping the old man stand up!!!!

Labour’s been in power for 13 years and as a person who has stopped to check on drunks in the street** to make sure they aren’t dead/ill I’m very disappointed Labour haven’t tried to reverse the Tory trend (it’s certainly got worse).

** walking home with my wife and young children, a man was lay on the grass not looking too well, I sent my wife and children ahead (so they were safe) and went back to check on the man, he was drunk, but it could have been a case of an ill man (heart attack for example) and most people today would walk on by and not check.

There are serious problems with Britain today, but it is not broken Britain selfish Britain. When I think of a broken society I think of places like Zimbabwe with a national debt over 300% of their GDP (that’s really bad, worst country in the world for debt) and a leader, Mugabe who shouldn’t be in power! Or I think of countries where the police, government, pretty much everything is completely corrupt. That’s what a broken society is, not what’s wrong with Britain where areas of society are not working particularly well.

It’s the people in authority who set the examples to society and unfortunately we had 18 years of selfish Tory MPs setting the example that society does not exist and do whatever it takes to get on in life.

Unfortunately we’ve now had 13 years of Labour MPs too afraid to say how it is and do something about it for fear of loosing the selfish Tory vote, instead we have draconian measures to protect children from potential child molesters that means if you want to work with children you are treated like a pervert!

I don’t know what the solution is, Just know it’s not the Tories and it’s not more of the same.