Comment on Brexit Polling: Does Britain Regret Voting Leave? by Barry Myers.

The only way through this mess is a second referendum. It is not the fact that some people may have changed their mind. I don’t believe 2 votes on the same issue adds democracy. It’s a bad argument in my opinion. A second referendum equals democracy squared insults peoples intelligence.

It’s the circumstances that make it necessary. How many prominent Brexiters were advocating a no deal Brexit before the vote? There were prominent Brexiters advocating staying in the single market. One now rabid member of the laughably called ERG, said it would be madness to leave it. Also, Vote Leave broke the law. They are the reasons why we need a second referendum.

The off the scale mendacity of the campaign is the reason for this slow moving tragedy. We have become a global embarrassment and the damage can’t be undone, just mitigated. No matter what happens.