Keep your Eyes and Ears Open Pelicans – We’ve got great news.

Barrels of oil have been spilling into the gulf of Mexico since April 2010, but the latest cap is suspected to have stopped the spill from progressing any further.

Yes… those pelicans will be jumping with joy, after a well deserved bath and some milk of magnesium. But even though the oil has stopped gushing, but is BP off the hook?.

I think not, especially in the minds of the trawlers and fisherman who’s business’s have been damaged by BP, they will have to handle the heat till we all forget this ever happened and continue on with our lives.

I think that this oil will be naturally dealt with in 5-6 years, it will all settle and marine life will recover. But does that divert the blame from BP… no but it isn’t as much of a life destroying disaster as the media claims. I know that individual sea-creatures will be killed, but the actual species of marine animals will survive we won’t have mass extinction of many species.

But we have to respect the damage done to both the wildlife and the people who’s business relies on the safety of the marine population.

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Author: Caleb Law: age: 13