Comment on BNP Policies : BNP Housing and Welfare Policy by John.

I really don’t know how anybody can have a serious point of view on the BNP or it’s policies.

Britain is a country where many discussions simply cannot be had. Sadly, this includes the relative merits or otherwise of the BNP and the automatic playing of the ‘racist card’ at the very mention of the party or immigration.

The Establishment knows full well that there is no place for the ‘moralistic fallacy’ that reality must conform to our social, political, or ethical desires. But it suits them very well to ignore this and rational discussion.

It is imperative that we are able to hear what the BNP has to say and THEN decide whether parliament or the lunatic asylum, assuming we can tell the difference, is the place for them. Anything less simply proves that Britain has no democracy. Discussion is reduced to ‘everybody knows’ – the premise of the ignorant.