Comment on BNP Policies : BNP Housing and Welfare Policy by Gemma.

The BNP’s proposed policy on Housing is the only agreeable part of the manifesto to me (which draws on wider issues of immigration).

I am shocked to have been on the Council waiting list for a larger home for 8 years now! I have 2 kids in a one bed. I was born in this Country and believe that should count for something. I definantly believe the current points based system is inadequate. It seems immigrants are prioritised as they often have the most points (on account of having the most children…).

Immigration most certainly needs to be controlled and I wish one of the main parties would brave face and tackle this problem with gusto. People are becoming resentful and this will create votes for the BNP made through frustration of the current situation. This is worrying as in turn BNP may well tackle this, but we will then have many more to do deal with if BNP were ever to gain more power.