Comment on BNP Policies : BNP Foreign Aid Policy by k williams.

AGAIN David, your Bias has Blinkered you to such an extent you cannot, or will not even read the post Mark was referring to see below
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Comment on BNP Policies : BNP Foreign Aid Policy (December 20th, 2009 at 23:40)
It doesn’t clearly say anything David, the BNP have no direct policies either discriminating against or protecting disabled people, un less you count the re-opening of special schools to park disabled people in to.”
By the way I thought this particular site was for comments on “BNP’s FORIEGN AID POLICY”, not defence or national service Oh & by the way “vntbnp” a “RIFFLE” is part of a sluice when panning for gold!!! So AGAIN you are breaking your own rules!!
You seem to be SO biased against the BNP that you are BLIND to anything else , just like your moronic chum “vntbnp”!
Its nice to see that some of the “nulabour” rats are starting to leave the corrupt ship of brown, (hoon & hulette) & they are just the tip of the iceberg, mind you most of the other’s will hang on to the bitter end, not wanting to lose their place at the trough!!!

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BNP Policies : BNP Foreign Aid Policy

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BNP Policies : BNP Foreign Aid Policy

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BNP Policies : BNP Foreign Aid Policy

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