Comment on BNP Policies : BNP Foreign Aid Policy by David.

How are the figures ignorant?

“Goingto cost Denmark £12,000 per person, 100,000 “anti social” forigners is going to cost em


Is that £1.2 billion to get rid of just 100,000 forigners.”

I don’t know how accurate the figures are, but if they are close that is economically disturbing!

How many legal immigrants do the BNP hope to remove from Britain using the above policy of paying them to leave?

Also how will it work, will it be any immigrant can apply for this money to leave or will the BNP cherry pick who they want/don’t want?

I think everyone will agree 100,000 people leaving Britain is a drop in the ocean long term, if the BNP go for persuading 1,000,000 legal immigrants that would cost us £12 billion to remove a lot of people who are contributing to our countries economy!

I have to say if I were an immigrant with a job here, but nothing special and the BNP came into power I’d take up the above offer. I have a family of 5, if we all left that’s £60,000.

Do you have to be an immigrant or can anyone sign up for this? That would buy a nice house and way of life in some of the less advanced countries.

It’s a really dumb BNP economic policy.


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BNP Policies : BNP Foreign Aid Policy

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BNP Policies : BNP Foreign Aid Policy

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