Comment on BNP Policies : BNP Democracy Policy by David.

“I thought this was supposed to be a non bias website”

Nope, this is my website and I have a political opinion that I share. I am not trying to emulate Question Time (bad example when talking about the BNP, but you know what I mean :-)).

The sites not affiliated with a particular political party (that doesn’t mean I’m not biased towards a political view) which is why as a BNP supporter you can post comments here as long as you follow a few basic rules (which you have).

And please I argue with Tory commenter’s as well, go look at and for examples.

Not easy to argue with people you agree with, so if someone posts something I agree with do you really want me to argue with them just to balance who I’m arguing with? Seriously?

I’ll need some tips as I don’t think I have the skill sets you think I should have :-)

Or do you want me to be a good little moderator and not get involved in the debates (that’s the fun bit) and just manage the site (which is bloody boring and time consuming work)?

“I am someone who has struggled with disability and re-education at University and witnessed the double standards in this country in favour of groups referred to as ‘minorities’, well, for the next 20 years anyway. ”

Sorry to hear that, hope it’s not something that gets worse over time (that sucks).

I’ve also struggled (still struggle) with disability and I went to University as a mature student and I’ve not seen “favour of groups referred to as ‘minorities’” in my life time.

And like you I’m a white middle aged (is 39 middle aged these days?) male and in the past have struggled (with a young family) to make ends meet financially: had to drop out of Uni early (months from getting a degree in genetics!) because of my disability and was on the equivalent of Incapacity Benefits for ~3 years (felt much longer) before starting my own business.

Now we are doing very well, gone from renting on the council and housing associations to owning our home and having plenty of spare cash, but I can still remember the very hard times when we ate Tescos own brand baked beans for as little as 4p a tin (bought in bulk, taste as you might expect at that price!) and I’m thankful it was Labour that had taken power when I started my business: they made it possible to go from benefits to self employment without having to stop benefits over night. Labour (Gordon Brown) is really good on the economy and encouraging business, we’ve done really well, thanks in part to Labour.


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