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David or moderator
I’m a little confused! I thought this was supposed to be a non bias website. However, you only appear to retaliate at any comments written by individuals who support views associated with the BNP.
I was a floating voter until I viewed this site and saw the venomous comments about the BNP referring to its supports as racist!
ALL parties have racists within them, be it through ethnicity, religion or otherwise… we all have a mind and opinion of our own.

After reading comments, in particular ‘yours’, I can see how frightened some people are of having support for a party that will put Britain and British first.

What do I call British, well, me. White middle age male who’s served his country [army] and now struggles to make ends meet, mainly due to Labour run Local Authority 3600% increase in ‘fairer charging’ within the last 4 years to pay for care at home.
I have actually worked for the NHS as a professional and been a long term patient and my personal perspective is, well, just shocking.
I am someone who has struggled with disability and re-education at University and witnessed the double standards in this country in favour of groups referred to as ‘minorities’, well, for the next 20 years anyway.

So, I want a Party that will benefit ‘me’, not someone who’s travelled across other countries to play the race and discrimination card or shout about human rights.

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