Comment on BNP Policies : BNP Democracy Policy by David.

I added the BNP back into the general election poll on Saturday afternoon since there’s less than 3 weeks until the the general election and with 100,000+ visitors a week to my site it’s going to be really hard for the minority of BNP supporters to manipulate the poll like they could last year (traffic was much lower).

I gave the BNP the starting value identical to the Green Parties votes for the entire general election poll as of Saturday afternoon which was 2,379 votes (I took 2,379 votes from the Other Parties option and added it to the new BNP option).

Considering the Green party gained more votes than the BNP in both the 2005 general election and the 2009 EU election that’s a reasonable starting point.

Over 2 days have passed and the general election poll has received a further 5,935 votes and of those 348 votes have been cast for the BNP.

That works out at 5.86% of the popular vote in my general election poll for the BNP.

Not exactly the breakthrough support the BNP supporters have been crowing about on my site for months. With below 6% of the vote the BNP are likely to gain ZERO MPs, just like in 2005.

Before BNP supporters start to complain that ~6,000 votes isn’t enough to determine their true support, when I removed the BNP from the poll the poll had received around 15,000 votes which had taken 4 months worth of visitors and it put the BNP at around 12% of the total vote, but this included a lot of manipulation on the part of BNP supporters.

BNP supporters have been complaining about this poll for months that I removed the BNP because I was afraid of the results. No I removed the BNP from the poll because BNP supporters were manipulating the poll results and even cheating to increase the vote share (using proxy servers to vote) which ruined the results.

Now when the general election poll had around 5,000 votes last year the BNP was in the lead with around a 1/3rd of the vote (totally unrealistic). This was because the average British voter wasn’t interested in politics until recently, but the BNP are very active all year round (actually something that impresses me about them, I wish everyone had that much interest in politics). Basically for the early life of my site most visitors to the site were BNP supporters, now they are the minority (though more vocal than any other group).

Now that election fever has hit with full force and my site has top Google rankings for election searches, the site is seeing over 100,000 visitors a week. This means the very active, but minority BNP supporters have been swamped by the majority of British people who will never vote BNP which is why BNP votes in the poll is just 348 votes out of almost 6,000 and remember this is on a site with a lot more BNP supporters than you’d meet in your average pub (they just won’t leave my site alone, it’s my own fault really, shouldn’t have added the BNP’s policies etc…!).

It will be interesting to see if the BNP try to drum up another campaign to get BNP supporters from the main BNP website to vote in my poll. With 100K visitors a week I doubt they’ll have a major impact in the poll with just 2 1/2 weeks to go, but we’ll see.

BNP has less than 6% of the popular vote, voting BNP is a wasted vote, I’m convinced there won’t be a single BNP MP 3 weeks from now.


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BNP Policies : BNP Democracy Policy

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