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Hello Charlie,
Thanks for your responses.
First of all, why am I racist thug, because I use the word British? I have a British passport. As I have explained in previous posts, my grandfather who is Czech, is Czechoslovakian. Is my granddad a racist thug because he refers to being Czech. How would you describe yourself?
I’ve explained that as far as I am concerned people who are born here are British. In the same way if I was born in Ireland I would be ‘Irish’ or if I was born in Russia then I would be Russian.
Not sure what your issue is with France, but lots of people in the UK go there for holidays and we trade with the French, do we not? But I guess you do not want to trade with the French cause in your words “ignorant and stubborn”
Next up was Australia. I’ve been there, it is a wonderful country and the quality of life is really good. I guess you don’t like Australians either. I have no issues with the Ozzies, always good to have some banter with them. I can’t relocate there unfortunately because the job I do in the UK is specialised in the UK insurance industry and is not available overseas. That may change – depends on the software used abroad though. My father lived there for 15 years though, and even he admits the quality of life is better there than the UK.
The same applies to the USA. The people are really friendly, well worth a visit. Even though they are in your words ‘damn republicans’.
The amusing thing is you have slated quite a lot of people from all over the world, if it wasn’t for them; chances are you might not be here at all today.
Finally on your travels you spoke about Iran. In your opinion it’s a ‘wild’ place but in reality its fine. I have no issues with Iran or their people, so I would prefer we didn’t have a war with them.
Your comments about the Polish. I didn’t say they were not friendly, what I said was that “they have no interest in mixing with us.” Regarding the fruit picking – as explained I’ve lived all around the UK and the polish girl who I shared a house with (this was many years ago) The English employer, was taking the piss out of them. Basically – Slave labour – I took the time to help her go through her contract because despite having a degree, her English was not the best. I’ll confirm that the employer was taking advantage of her and the fact that she was in a new country. I am sure that this is something of an issue all around the UK. She was under the false impression that England was a land of ‘gold’. I think she has found out otherwise.
Like her there are lots of intelligent eastern Europeans that have roles over here, which traditionally would be taken up by those who perhaps do not have a degree and cannot seek to be a doctor or computer consultant.
If you speak with her, all she is interested in is money. Once she had enough then she would go back to Poland to buy things there. Why, because she could get better value for money. I don’t blame them for coming over here, by the way. I would do the same.
She was nice, however her other Polish friends, were taking the piss, when it came to respecting our laws. Especially the insurance scams.
I have spoken briefly in other posts about the ‘no insurance’ or vehicle tax. That not fair. And it is not a small percentage either.
It’s all about ‘Money’ not integration as you seem to want to believe. That why we all have different countries, each with our own cultures and views.

Turkey is a really good country with lots of culture. Why do you find it strange that I like culture? I have no issues with culture, but it’s recognised that some cultures do not mix well at all.
Turkey is a secular country by the way. They hope to join the EU very soon, but speaking with my Turkish friends, some believe that the EU may have a negative effect on their wages. For example the guys who run the restaurants work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for around 9 months. Once the tourist season is over, they then return to their hometowns with their money. One of the issues that they have is that ‘maximum’ working hours will be imposed on them; this will have the effect of:
Restaurants / hotels will have to hire more staff
This will then affect the prices of goods and services, and will make Turkey more expensive, which will then drive down tourism. Which would create unemployment and could affect their economy.
Guess what will happen next. That’s right they will want to come over to the UK. I can’t blame them, I would do the same. People from the UK are considered to be very well off indeed, but we know otherwise.
Why do they want to come to England? It’s all to do with money.
As you’ve stated you think ‘communism’ should work. I think you should have a chat with the Poles and the Czechs and ask them about how it ruined their countries. It’s a good idea but it has failed everywhere: Why, because humans by nature will always want more than the next person. That hasn’t changed since the dawn of time, nor will it in the future.

Health Care USA
We’ve both given our opinion. As I said in my last post. The health care system was not invented by right wing politics. The USA has had a history where parties from the left and right side have been in power.
However, the link above lots of Americans discussing the pros and cons. There is even a post from a UK person who has also compared it against the UK. Like I said in previous posts, I was adding some balance to your views.
Your comment about ‘Private’ Healthcare in the UK having to compete with the NHS is not accurate. People in this country from ‘all walks of life’ are forced into using Private Healthcare because the NHS is not working.
Nobody wants to pay for the same service twice, do they?
This includes my mother, who was a qualified nurse for over 40 years, who required an operation for a trapped nerve in her shoulder. On the NHS the waiting list was over a year, so she paid to go “Private” it was done in a few weeks. Amusing thing was – the consultant she saw both from the NHS and the Private hospital was the same person.

Thanks for your input regarding the insurance industry and my stories. So I have attached a few links to some of the insurers that I have worked for. As I said in my previous post – I’m lucky, the jobs moved abroad had not affected me personally, but it has affected without doubt lots of other UK people.
It’s worth noting though that some of the people I know didn’t have all the qualifications in the world, but they did put in a ‘hard days graft’ working shifts and weekends. I’m disappointed that your comments regarding finding UK call centre staff rude, cocky etc…. maybe it was your attitude towards them, though you so have an in-depth knowledge of the industry to realise all calls are monitored and that if you have a complaint then you can do so.
F or a number of years there is the insurance times award, strange that the UK call centres for Fortis get the votes for bring the best for customer service. It is chosen on evidence and done via votes from the UK itself, this includes customers and brokers.
As you seem to know about insurance. Then you can explain to the rest of the world. The UK stance regarding ‘number of adults’ in a household. In respect of taking out ‘household’ insurance. I’ll think you will find after your research, UK insurance companies do not want to insure houses with more than 6 adults in them. Why? Cause of the fraudulent claims. Who do you think this stance is aimed at? I’ll give you a clue. It’s not aimed at British people. Statistics show from an Underwriting perspective that these types of risks are ‘high risk’. I guess you do not think that is fair but at the same time I do not think it is fair either from an insurer’s perspective or a customer perspective that I have to pay an additional premium to cover these types of claims. It also affects you and everybody else in the UK.
Aviva move jobs over to India
Lloyds TSB
Axa move jobs abroad
Prudential move jobs abroad
RSA move jobs abroad
RBS move jobs abroad
All of these jobs existed in the UK. There was no protection for British Workers. So no my stories are not made up. And I do not see the issue of protecting the people in the UK regardless of race.

Your comments regarding IT,” I doubt any IT jobs could be done abroad as professionally as in the UK”. Well – you are wrong – India for example has the latest technology and I work with two Indian programmers, I have no issues with their work or quality of it or them from a personal perspective. I personally do not have an issue with communication either. Loops and Switch statements all the same regardless of where you are from.

I know of one software house that has a contract with all insurers, they also moved IT work abroad, but after a while it wasn’t working as well as it could be. There was an issue with communication and also lack of understanding of the UK insurance industry, so they bring the guys over from India and put them into accommodation and then once the work is complete – they return home. Believe it or not: It’s still actually cheaper than employing a programmer from the UK.

Average salary of a programmer in India
The only reason why jobs have been moved abroad is as I have said to make more profit. In my eyes it is not fair to have roles moved abroad, if they still exist in the UK. Neither did the trade unions.
All we had from the parties….”We’re disapointed……”
I still cannot understand your logic or stance on why you think it is fair or good for our economy for a UK based company to transfer a UK job (which can be held by a British person from any ethnic background), when there is still a need for that role. It just means another person on the dole.

It doesn’t do our economy any good whatsoever. You have to remember that a lot of insurance companies have merged over the years, which meant mass redundancies, so all that they are trying to achieve is more profit. I realise that you say that companies cannot afford to, well in the case of insurance..

Insurers make profits each year without fail. The profits they make are generally in the millions, which are then re-invested. So your excuse that they cannot afford to employ UK people is complete rubbish.

Brokers complaining about call centres abroad. The causes: Communication and the service is not as good as you say it is. For example: Have you tried to underwrite a complex motor fleet policy or perhaps a commercial combined policy. Customers (which include brokers and commercial clients eg Tradesmen, Garage Owners, shop owners) they want to deal with UK based insurance people, who have an understanding of the UK and its risks/culture.

Insurance is about understanding the ‘risk’ and the moral/physical hazards. This is something that cannot be understood unless you are in the environment and understand how the UK operates. Both from a law and regulatory perspective. Which is why in the ACII, we study UK law not ‘foreign’ law.

Aviva bring back jobs to the uk

If you read my post. Then I said that I had lived in Bristol and had worked for Axa. See above. This building is at the AXA centre, opposite the parkway station.

Like I said, brokers/ifas complained as well as customers. As things stand at Axa, they cannot make up their minds. This doesn’t do the economy in this country any favours as employees can’t keep on relocating around the UK every 6 months. And as the number of insurers in the UK has fallen by 50% it’s almost impossible trying to find another job.

I think that basically sums up my comments about the insurance industry and what has happened. There is nothing racist at all regarding those topics above, just facts.

Don’t worry though cause in the next year or so there are going to be even more job losses in the UK. You’ll be pleased to know that I doubt very much the ‘outsourced’ centres will be affected.

Regarding your comments about the Toxteth riots. I’m sure you may have read my posts, I was born in Liverpool. The riots were not racial at all. There were white and black and every other colour you can think of – fighting because they were tired of what had happened to the areas, the lack of support from the political parties etc. There were also small riots in places like ‘cantril farm’. You can google that if you want.

Race is always used as an excuse to cover up the deeper issues. Basically failed politics cause the issues.
Your comment about blaming the people for not keeping the areas tidy, well actually it’s due to a number of things.
Houses being reprocessed – because people were losing their jobs.
Businesses going bankrupt and not being supported by the governments in power
The government or the council not supporting the people in Liverpool.
House owners not having the income to be able to spend on the upkeep of their house.

In my post I also spoke about stealing Medical Staff from third world countries, was having an impact. You asked for a report

Whilst it has benefited us – it has a negative impact on the people from the ‘immigrants’ homeland. How can you see this as a positive? Your comment ‘ I hate this us……attitude”

Make up your mind, because you are benefiting from these doctors/nurses etc but other people suffer at your gain. Just because you cannot see the suffering does not mean it doesn’t exist.

I have a better idea – we can train our own people. It just takes some effort. I realise in your opinion our UK students are lazy and cannot be motivated, I beg to differ.

If our students are that lazy, then there is no need to reduce class sizes and spend money on education as your party leader has suggested. By the sounds of it – we are all doomed!

Next up was Religion. In all of my posts, I have stated that I don’t care about religion. But however there a lots of people who do and this will never change. Religion has its good points though as it can bring communities together, it just appears that for some religions though, this will not work.

Under a liberal government – would you abolish all the faith schools? I get the impression that lots of people under all faiths are going to be upset.
You spoke about educating people – we’ve already have diversity rammed into our heads. To be honest I do not think it was needed.

I remember in my infant school, we did our nativity plays and all children of all faiths joined in. Nowadays, though you have to be careful of what you say or do, because it might be offensive. People are told not to send Christmas Cards because it might offend other people – that’s just how ridiculous things have become over years.

I don’t think education will work because you cannot change thousands of years of culture overnight and lots of people want to remain as they are. I have no issue with that.

But a good start if you truly believe its an education issue, would be to ban the ‘faith’ schools and have all children of all faiths in a single school. At least they will get the chance to mix, rather than each going their own separate paths. But then there has to be a single common value that each person can relate to and share.

I’m pleased that we have ironed out our differences of the word “ordinary”; you say that ordinary people vote for Liberal Democrats. So does that mean the other 80% of the UK are not ordinary?

Like I said before, you cannot judge a person solely based on politics as politics changes. The Lib dem policies have certainly changed over the years, I have noticed a slightly harder stance.

It’s a shame you don’t agree with South Africa and you don’t want to share details. Even if you were to provide a dummy email address. I would have kept you updated during my trip. One thing I’m looking forward to is visiting Soweto. (Looking forward – is probably the wrong word to use, but you know what I mean).

No doubt I will be shown that they have a shortage of doctors and qualified medical staff, but again you favour this. I’ll explain to those people… “don’t worry cause your doctors and nurses are all in the UK and Europe now and we’re very healthy…. thanks!”
I’m surprised you didn’t support the stance on the South African people looking after their own people first, but I guess that from your opinion this also means that the South Africans are intolerant and racist also.

Your comments about ‘Iraq’. Sorry I was being sarcastic, I cannot believe as does the rest of the world including the Americans, that you do not think Oil was the primary objective.

You’re very passionate about being in the EU. So to balance your views a bit:

Both links are kept in simple English for those who don’t have an in-depth understanding.

I’m pleased we reached a middle ground concerning donations abroad. I’ve suggested it on the BBC website as a question for the parties to consider.
I hope you watched the last debate the other night. It’s a shame that apparently we have lots of terrorists in Somalia who want to hurt us?

These were the words spoken from Gordon Brown. The interesting thing was that neither Nick Clegg nor David Cameron objected to this. So what happens when we invade Somalia then?
And then we invade Iran (the Wild Place in your words), and Yemen.

We’ve got lots of those nationalities here in Britain now, which is what you want. You want a multiculuture socity whoses values are so wide from each to other at times it causes issues. Its a recipe for diaster, especially as our contry continues on the path of war torwards the islamic nations.

Do you think that these people are going to support military action? Do you think that any of these people, will be prepared to join our forces and fight against their home countries?

Interesting times lay ahead I think. Regardless of who wins the election!

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Thanks for your reply.

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Why did the Danish people ask the Immigrants to leave?
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