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Of course people will ‘disappear’ from time to time, this is unpreventable, they will however have ID cards which when applying for a job will have to present this to their employer and if they’re not the correct area the employer will be expected to turn them over the authorities.

What do you suggest? We disallow immigration entirely? You might as well just shoot yourself in the foot.

The Lib Dems manifesto states that if someone has been within the UK for 10 years illegally they will allow them amnesty, this is much better than trying smoke them out.

Yes, I know that ACII is a qualification….Associate Chartered Institute of Insurance(Is it?)? I believe I am in a position to comment on someone’s knowledge of the industry when they make false claims. The point which you keep missing out, over and over again is this – The USA does NOT have universal healthcare (no thanks to the damn Republicans), therefore private healthcare is the only option and in turn the private healthcare companies are able to do as they so please, in contrast to the UK where private healthcare has to compete with the NHS.

Yes, the NHS may not be the best it is, but I still feel it is a must in a first world country. In regards to your dentist comment – I have an NHS dentist, in fact most dentists in my city are NHS still. The NHS simply does not have enough funding, if the government would stop spending so much on our military and spend more money on social aspects we’d be much better off. I agree a reduction in NI should be introduced if you choose to go private instead.

The reason I made a comparison to the BNP is because the BNP are a far right wing party, and far right wing parties more often than enough prefer capitalism, I then compared it to America’s healthcare system as America until recently was a pretty Republican-heavy country.

America’s current healthcare system was brought about via greedy republicans that care about nothing than for themselves, they have this selfish attitude of “Why should my money pay for other people?”, I personally hate that attitude. As a society we have to work together and help each other.

Ah, and so you list countries which have a failed system, USA is the worst one you could possibly use, USA right now is a horribly elitist country – You’d feel right at home there, Australia doesn’t value civil liberties (Censoring internet an awful lot), the main religion in Turkey is Islam, so again, no doubt they’re ruled by authoritarian rule, and South Africa is in a horrible state right now, the amount of segregation on that country is unbelievable. I do hope that when you visit there you see how it really is, and how that system you speak of simply does not work.

How is it fair to stop a company moving abroad? That is not fair at all, that is total authoritarianism, North Korea style. All that would happen is companies would cease to trade in the UK, and the UK economy would be hit.

One of the key principles of a business (Amongst other things) is to make a profit, and if they can make a higher profit by moving abroad they’re going to. I think it’s because the western world is far too rich in comparison to some of the eastern countries and so everything is much more expensive here, so we demand higher wages.

Some people prefer to deal with English call centres as there isn’t as much a language barrier, I personally don’t mind. It does not make them racist, only intolerant. I often find that a lot of English call centre assistants are too cocky, and I find it really offending to speak with some of them, no manners.

I think you need to refresh your memory on the definition of racism as you’re using it far too often in circumstances where it doesn’t apply. It would only be racist if said companies implied that foreign call centres were lower quality because they were not English.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by ‘protection’, as this could be considered discrimination, but Liberal Democrats treat everyone as equal, regardless of their race/creed/religion. I do not necessarily think it is ‘fair’ per se, however you cannot expect a company, especially in these hard times to continue supplying jobs when they simply cannot afford to.

I also know lots of programmers, and have done programming myself in prior years however I very much doubt that their jobs were moved abroad to people of similar professional level, especially for only £4k. How do I expect them to? I personally don’t expect them to, they will have to try and find ways to, they’re not the only ones unemployed in our current situation. There are plenty of programming roles available, they just have to keep a look out, companies are always looking for computer programmers, and if not they could pursue a consultant career.

I think you are make some of these stories up, they sound far too far fetched and over exaggerated. I don’t believe that the company is allowed to dismiss employees without decent jurisdiction.

No, it would be ‘nice’. You need to get out of this racist perspective of constantly referring to “British” workers, the way I see it all workers are workers regardless of their nationality, stop segregating people.

Easier said than done my friend, I’d love to see you come up with a solution to our current high unemployment, what are you going to do? Pour money into the companies so they have more money to hire people? Oh wait, that wouldn’t work for you as you personally are getting no direct benefit.

Thank you for backing up my points which I had already made about China, and thus disproving your argument. It is clear that you are blinded by your own stubborn ways and will not see clearly any time soon, so there’s no point.

I do not agree to disagree on reduction. I like how you refer to them as paedophiles, even if after their prison term they (may have) learnt their lesson and realised their mistakes.

Again, easier said than done my friend, a lot of British students cannot find the motivation to become doctors, why don’t you go to university and become a GP? If you love Australia or USA so much why don’t you just migrate there? At least there’d be one less right wing maniac to worry about.

By supporting BNP you are saying you’re a racist, end of. The BNP support racist views and ideologies, as has been mentioned many a time BNP membership was, until very recently, exclusively for white British.

I find it awfully surprising that you respect another culture, the way you’ve portrayed yourself, you’re a racist thug.

Then that is the Polish peoples choice and not mine. I have met many Polish and find them to be very nice people on a whole, they’re very polite. If a lot of them are ‘degree’ qualified then they need to take the initiative to seek higher level jobs.

A lot people in France are very ignorant and stubborn, you’d probably feel at home there as well.

If you could show me these reports, and prove that they are reliable sources I may take your point seriously.

I think you misunderstand the first point I ever made and that was with free speech ON the internet, yes free speech existed before the internet I never refuted that (However the so called ‘free speech’ was very limited, as Britain was much more right wing).

16% of ‘my’ MPs maybe only turned up, but everyone of them voted against the bill. It has got to do with the BNP, as the BNP are the sort of party which spreads political propaganda through the internet and censors anti-BNP messages, think China.

Aha, but tell me this, Republicans are a right wing party are they not? I did not say that the BNP had anything to do with it, as they are not the only right wing party on Earth. I honestly cannot see your point on the EU membership, the EU membership was more of a left wing decision and a good decision it was. The afghan / Iraq was is, again, to do with greedy right wing Republicans.

Oh you’re right there, I forgot that the Republicans were extreme left wing. Conservatives are a right wing party, not sure if you realised that. The BNP had nothing to do with it because they’re such a meagre party that no one takes their word seriously.

I am not using religion as an excuse for the behaviour, I am simply saying that it is a major contributing factor.

I never said they were British or supporting our troops, I’m not sure where your assumptions are coming from.

As I have stated previous many a time and I’m getting tired of repeating myself..In fact, just go read the manifesto or my previous comments, there’s no point in looping.

Communism actually works quite well, I just feel China isn’t doing it the best way, they’re censoring their peoples far too much and taking away civil liberties.

We spend money on foreign aid as we’re an international country and we need to be seen on the international level. The reason why many areas are in need of some makeovers is because people are not taking pride in the area they live in, this has very little to do with the government.

I think this is quite a good idea, the sentence starting “Here is an idea:….”, I think this could work quite well if put into practice. The Liberal Democrats want to give more power to the people, one of the key powers is the ability to sack your MP if you feel he is doing a bad job.

I know segregation already exists, and that’s why we need to work hard to reduce it and not feed it, I never said you personally were responsible for it, not sure where you got that idea from. Which is why we need to educate people on integration, and educate people to understand and respect other cultures.

The UK is an international country, and you simply cannot say “As far as I am concerned if you are born in this country then you belong here….”, as not everyone will want to share the same values, I don’t share the same values as you do, I prefer dynamism.

Not entirely sure where you’re going with this SA argument however.

I’m afraid I won’t be sharing personal details with you.

Yes, I disagree with that policy, I feel that is really discriminating against foreign workers which want to make a life in said country.

I understand that some Liberal Democrat supporters may be racist, however the BNP leader himself is a racist that does not speak very highly of the party, and when you are supporting him, you’re being racist yourself.

The Toxeth riots were caused by racial tensions, I find it awfully convenient that a year later the BNP was formed however. Again, this tension will only continue to simmer so long as people allow it to. Imagine how racist people were 100 years ago compared to now, think about another 100 years. I hope that one day we reach a point where everywhere is so multicultural that race is not an issue.

Ordinary people vote for Liberal Democrats.

I did not think it is acceptable, I simply said that it is clear that the BNP is very much disliked.

Of course you would think question time was a farce, it wasn’t in favour of your party. The reason the questions were to do with the past is because Nick Griffin has said some hideous things that are unforgivable.

It made the BNP more infamous, not popular. And I’m not sure what you mean by ‘woke up’.

Regarding Iran – This is the selfish attitude I hate, the whole “It doesn’t affect us, so why bother?” approach. Iran need international intervention right now, it’s a wild place.

I never said it was ‘up to me’, their own people hate their own government, I’m supporting them in that, their own people want democracy.

I have acknowledged this as I referred to Religion causing a lot of today’s wars, and when countries force their religion upon another country.

It is sad that more do not have a liberal view, I feel we could really make this world a better place if we did.

And UKIP – They’re just more or less a less extreme BNP, I tried reading their policies/manifesto but it’s still not available which is annoying.

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