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Hi Sorry yep – I had been away for a few days and had trouble finding your post. But in response to that post, where we were having a debate.

Yes I had watched the programme and the idea of allocating people to certain areas will not work. All that will happen is the following:
People will disapear? As is happening now. The plan while a good one – just will not work in this country.

I thought though your leader put in a good performance though!

You have also forgotten to point out that in your manefisto the Libs want to allow illiegal immingrants to stay over here. I do not.

We will allow people who have been in Britain without
the correct papers for ten years, but speak English, have a clean
record and want to live here long-term to earn their citizenship.

However, generally people do not want more influx of foreign workers over here, regardless of race/colour/creed. Otherwise it would not be in each parties manefesto.

The reason that I had brought up insurance is that you had brought up insurance in your previous posts, I was adding balance to to your views.

First of all I said that I haver worked in the industry for 13 years. And that I was ACII (ACII is a qualification not a job role) and I do not believe you are in any position to comment about
someones knowledge of the industry. I was just correcting you on your assumptions that UK and USA private healthcare VS Uk medical insurance differs which it does not.

I suggest you read a couple of policy booklets and have a look at a couple of proposal forms. You will find that the questions/terms/conditions/market exclusions are the same.

Your original statements spoke about the USA health system. My opinion is ‘it is is no different from’ taking out private medical insurance. The reason why we have private medical insurance
in the UK is because the NHS is a mess.

Ideally, the NHS would be perfect but it is not. Operation waiting lists are so long that people are forced to go private. Which means they
are paying twice. Also of note: Dentists – When was the last time you tried to find a NHS dentist? I’ve lived all around the UK and I can tell you now – they are very scarce indeed. I have,
along with others have to go private. Also of note: On the NHS certain medicines/treatments are not available due to cost. Again not an issue with Private Health Care. Its a farce that
you have NHS nurses and doctors who also work for private hospitals. Either you have one or the other, however, in my opinion if you choose private healthcare you should have a
reduction in the NI that comes out of our wage packets each month.

Please explain: what has this got to do with the BNP. YOur original statement suggested that if the BNP was in power that we would not have a healthcare system, and then you compared
it against Americia?.

America’s health care system was not brought about via Right Wing politics? But at the same time, you have critised it.
I can advise you now ‘ whilst the USA will collect credit card details etc, the same applies with medical insurance in this country.
If you do not pay your premiums then you are not covered? No system is perfect each has its positives and negatives.

If you are unhappy about the fact that only British people will be looked after, then how does that differ from Australia or the USA, or Turkey, or South Africa.

I’m not angry about the job losses (I am one of those lucky ones): But there are lots of people in the UK, who are.
You say that there is no ‘fair’ way of stopping jobs moving abroad. We’ll actually there is.
“Put in leglislation to prevent jobs being moved abroad if they are still required”. Though, I fully accept as technology improves and mergers continue there will be job losses.


It is not fair on any British person (regardless of race etc) that they have to lose their job, when in reality the job still exists.
Is it is fair that jobs are moved abroad, just so companies can squeeze a bit more profit?

I’m pleased that you mentioned AXA because AXA (I have worked for them) were one of the insurers that moved Call Centre and Admin jobs / IT jobs abroad then
the following year they tried to bring them back again.They cannot seem to make up their minds. However the reasons for moving some roles back include the following:

public wanted to deal with English call centres (does this make the public racist? or misinformed? I don’t believe for a second that All ifa’s/AxA Customers are all racist?
IFA’s had enough of dealing with foreign call centres / admin offices – these people are not racist are they?

You will know that companies make a big deal now promoting ‘UK Call Centres’? Are they racist? Of course not. Do you consider someone who will only use UK call centres Racist?

What protection does the Ldemo’s offer for British workers? In general British workers have received little or no protection. Tell me: Where does it end?
There were ladies that I knew at Axa who had worked there for over 20 years doing pension administration on a good wage. Once their role was moved
abroad, they could not find work for their particualar skill and could not afford to pay their mortgages. Do you think that is fair?

I know of lots of programmers who have spent a long time learning their skill (you had commented about British people being lazy) on a salary of around 40K,
only for their jobs to be moved abroad (where on avaerage the salary is 4K).
How do you expect these programmers to pay their mortgages and bills and look after their families. Unfortnately because the money is good – it means they have to try and find a role
where the salary is roughly the same, but you know and I know, these type of roles are hard to find especially as most businesses aim to maximise profit and
pay the cheepest salary (which often means offshoring). Do you think that is fair? What do you suggest to these professional people who have spent most of their lives learning a trade?

I know of another lady who was employed by Allianz as a team leader, she was asked to train ‘some foreign employees’. Once she had trained them up, they (Allianz) then moved her role
abroad and made her redundant (the people she was training was for the role, that she lost). Do you think that is fair? (and no I am not making these stories up)

Your comment “it would be nice if we kept jobs over here”, ‘Nice’ isn’t a word that most people would use. Perhaps “essential” or “fair” would have been more appropriate. If we continue
down the current path – where jobs for British people are not protected, we will be in a right mess. No money being earned, means no taxes means no society (for everyone).

Unemployment is at its highest for 16 years. And none of the main parties have done anything about it.

Yes I have heard of the massacre. Again my point was: You made reference to Saddam Hussein being a danger (and in your opionion we were right to kill him).
My point was that there are lots of people in the world that are dangers but we do nothing about it.(because there is no gain for ourselves)
The reason why we have not invaded China is because they have a Navy, Army and Airforce and Nuclear bombs. Meanwhile Iraq had none of these things.
Especially after the gulf war and in the preceeding years the Iran war (where we were supplying weapons to him, that he used on his own people as well as the Iranians)
Iraq was an easy target and the primary objective was to safeguard our Oil reserves. There was iraq enquiry not so long ago. The UN did not support it.

Regarding your comments about paedophiles, I think this is one for parents to make a decision on?
If you want paedophiles next door to you that is your choice. I do not know any parent or ordinary person who does. We will agree to disagree on reducating these type of people.

With regards to employing foreign doctors. How about we train our own doctors and stop stealing staff from places in which they are needed?
And yes I have read your manifesto. Your party wants the oppurtunity to let the illigal immigrantes who should not be here to stay here.
They have no right – they should not be here in the first place. Australia has the right idea as does the USA.

My point about Turkey was to get it through to you. That just because I support some of the policies of the BNP does not make me racist. or any other BNP supporter?

I have no issues with islam or any other religion, but one thing for sure when I am in Turkey I respect their culture, and try to intergrate.
In the same way I do not tag all Cons as (middle class) or Labs (working class). The issue is that people are coming here are not learning new skills and taking it back to their own country.

What benefit is it for our country or an immigrants country if we are employing easten europeans for ‘fruit picking’ on minimum wage, when a lot of them are ‘degree qualified. The polish people that I know, for example are only in the UK for the money, they have no interest whatsoever in building a life here or mixing with us.

It wasnt long ago that the French people voted for a right wing party. Does that mean that those people all of a sudden become racist?

Its already reported (not by the BNP) that we are taking doctors from third world countries, which is having a negative impact on their own people. How can that be a good thing?

Regarding free speech and the internet –
You’ve mis understood my point completly. You spoke about the internet and free speeech. My point was that ‘free speach’ existed in this country before the internet.

Its worth noting that only 16% of your MP’s actually turned up for that vote, So why did you mention the intenet to begin with? That has nothing to do with the BNP.

You also mentioned ‘hate filled world caused by Right Wing Extremists.’

The twin towers / london bombs (that had nothing to do with the BNP) That was in response to the USA and UK attitude towards the middle east.
The EU membership (agreeing to let in lots of unskilled people into the UK and let British companies move British jobs abroad) had nothing to do with the BNP
The afgan war / Iraq war – (this has nothing to do with BNP)

If you are saying that we live in a world that is created by hate, all of the above was not connected in any way by the BNP or right wing parties.
It was all created by Labour/Cons/Libs. These were all incidents that were caused directly/indirectly from policies created by the British and American political parties (Lib/Lab/Con).

Rgearding the abuse at our troops, You’re using religion as an excuse for their behaviour. It goes a lot deeper than that.

As far as I am concerned they can please themselves.As I said everyone is entitled to their own opionion. But at the same time “Are these people, supposed to be British? and supporting
our troops?”

I dont agree with the war at all – cause neither Iraq or Afghanistan did anything to Britian, but I do not abuse my friends who are serving.

you have to ask yourselve? Do you think it is fair on the soldiers to have to put up with that? How would the libs deal with that?

If religion is the cause, then perhaps the best solution is to become communists. Which, sounds good: Everyone has an equal share and helps each other for the benefit of the state. But
in reality does not work.

Shelters??? – Actually how about we stop giving billions of pounds in aid to foreign countries and use that money to build houses for our homeless people. Even better: in the uk cities I have
lived in Liverpool for example: Whilst there are some nice tidy areas, some districts are in need of a makeover. This may also apply to other city areas. How can anyone justify spending 68
billion pounds on foreign aid, when our cities are in need of some TLC. Do you not think, that by sorting out our own issues first, then the standard of living would go up for everyone.

Here is an idea: We all pay taxes, would it not be possible for a survey to be done or have a proposal form each year, which asks the employee:

Do you want x% of your taxes to go outside the uk?

It would be interesting to see how many people regardless of who they vote for put in a %.

I think that is fair – that people in the UK have a
choice of where they think their money should go.

There are lots of employers out there who do a scheme, where you can donate a % of your wages to a charity. Can we apply this to our taxes?

Segregation already exists. I’ve lived in the following cities. Liverpool, Bristol, London. In Bristol you have Easten, St pauls, montpellerier (which are majority black
and asian). In London I lived in Crofton Park, Near Peckham. Which I will say is majority black. (I never had a problem living there nor did I see any issues – apart from
a couple of shootings) – but that happens everywhere).I did my regular shopping in peckham high street and supported the local businesses. Again colour etc race not the issue at all.

You say you dont want segregation but in reality it already exists. I’m not responsible for this.
I know this because I have lived in areas where I am the ‘minority’and, no I did not have no issues with anyone. Remember it takes two parties to come together and live together, there a lots
of districts in various UK cities where areas are either white/black/asian. People choose either to intregrate or don’t.

South africa is a completley different story. I have not agreed with Apartheid nor have I asked for it.
As far as I am concerned if you are born in this country then you belong here and you should share the same values. But again in the UK this is not the case.

It’s worth noting though, there are lots of South Africans over here now because their country is is in a bit of a mess. Sadly though, the people who are leaving South Africa are the skilled workers (which is good for us – but not good for south africa). I see South Africa ending up in the same mess as Zimbabwae.

If I get your email address at some point I’ll send you an update after I have visited it during June. I’ve kept an open mind for the trip. I’m looking forward to spending my money over there and helping their economy.

Its also worth noting that South African policy is that they put their own people first before offering placements to foreign workers. Do you disagree with this policy?

I do not because I would rather see South Africa become the success it should be and a end to poverty this means they have to put South Africans first
(in the same way I would want us to put the British people first) Race or Religion is not my agenda here at all.

Regarding your comments about BNP people, I know plenty of lab/con/lib supporters who are also racist? whats your point? You cannot attach racism to one party.
Just because you support a particular party or not does not exclude you from being racist.

In fact I know plenty of people (who will support all parties) who would not live in the areas I mentioned in the previous paragraphs above.

Do you remember the ‘toxteth’ riots, the st pauls riots. These were not caused by the BNP were they. Racism exists at every level to some degree (not just BNP) and by all races.
That will never change because we are human. It may be wrong but that is the way it is. I could not give too hoots about where someone comes from or the colour of your skin.

I have said all along: I want to protect British people. (this means all races) and unfortunately no party appears to do this other than the BNP.

Regarding the ‘ordinary people’ comment – (no why should I stop using that word? its a subjective phrase that anybody could use? if you use it I have no issues with that?)

Your definition and use of the word ‘ordinary’ may differ from my opinion, likewise the next person, may have a different opinion of what ‘ordinary’ defines.

Regarding the abuse at the BNP people, So you think its acceptable – for someone that you do not agree with to get abuse.

I’m sure we all have differing opinions – but that does not excuse anyone to behave like that.
Yes I remember question time and to be honest I thought it was a farce.

It wasn’t presented in the normal format. I was actually looking forward to a good debate that night.

To listen to all parties. The majority of questions that night were to do with the past not the present.

Ideally I would like to see all parties have a sensible debate on television.

I do not think Nick Griffen was treated fairly. i.e As I have said before – everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
It actually made the BNP more popular, and it woke up the 3 main parties, would you not agree?

Thanks I do not dislike you at all either. Misinformed – though? Doesn’t that apply to all people. Information from various sources can all be analsysed and understood/interpreted in a number of ways.

Your interpretation and life experiences may differ from mine, that does not mean that either of ours is the correct one.

Politics in general is all about opinion, life experiences, which changes on a daily basis.

Regarding Iran, You’ve sidestepped my original point, My point was what happens in Iran or any other country is their own business. Unless it directly threatens us.

It is not upto ‘you or me’ to decide on how they want to live/govern themselves. And we should not be imposing our ideals onto them.

You have not acknowledged that the main issues in the world today are because “certain countries in the world” try to enforce their own ideas onto other nations that cause the issues.

You have a liberal view, but unfortnately that view is not shared by everyone in every country in the world.

And who are you to decide that it is? or Me? At the end of the day – its for nations to
decide for themselves.

As a side note, what do you think of the UKIP?


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