BNP Manifesto 2010 : Leaving the European Union

• The BNP loves Europe but hates the EU.

• The BNP demands an immediate withdrawal from the European Union, which is an organisation dedicated to usurping British sovereignty and to destroying our nationhood and national identity.

• The BNP will end the annual multibillion cash haemorrhage Britain pays out for EU in membership fees and regulatory costs. This money will be spent on building infrastructure in Britain and alleviating poverty and unemployment at home.

The EU: An Orwellian Super-State

The European Union is an Orwellian super-state in formation. By degrees, it is depriving our people of their inherited right to determine their affairs in their own traditional and democratically elected Parliament.

In our Parliament’s stead is an unelected Commission, which initiates new laws behind closed doors and whose long-term ambitions embrace the extirpation of Britain as an identifiable nation.

To facilitate the destruction of the nation states of Europe, including Britain, demographic change is being wrought, designed to strip indigenous peoples of their culture, heritage, history and traditions.

In other words, multiculturalism is designed to balkanise the population, thereby undermining the integrity of the nation state and facilitating EU governance.

The federal European project is incompatible with our deep-rooted national, traditional and personal freedoms and hard-won democracy and sovereignty.

British Law Has Been Usurped

The EU has compromised the principle that no Westminster parliament may bind its successors.

Trial by jury, the presumption of innocence, habeas corpus, and the ability to hire and fire our elected representatives are constitutional safeguards, presently in grave jeopardy, which we shall only protect and restore when we secede from the EU.

Europol has recently been furnished with alarming powers to investigate citizens for offences not deemed crimes in the UK. The EU Arrest Warrant also provides Europol with the power to extradite UK citizens to member nations of the EU where the British legal safeguards mentioned above are not recognised.

75 Percent of Laws Now Made in the EU

Today, 75 percent of our laws are made in the EU and over 120,000 directives and regulations are in force in Britain.

The EU believes that more legislation means more European union. By contrast, the Conservative government, which signed the Treaty of Rome in 1973, informed us that there was no question of the UK losing “any essential sovereignty.”

Cabinet minutes of the times, available at the Public Record Office in Kew, display the deceit, conspiracy and treachery that was much in evidence when the Conservative administration joined us to the then Common Market. This deceit continues, with politicians keen to disguise the true circumstances of their own impotence at Westminster.

The governing party at Westminster is so restricted by EU rules and regulations that there is hardly an area of policy where the British parliament remains entirely sovereign. Immigration, the economy, public services, trade, overseas aid, energy, finance, employment, tax, agriculture and fisheries are all examples of areas affected by membership of the EU. Even post office closures and bin collections are determined by the EU.

Any vote for the old-gang parties is a wasted vote; these parties are, in effect, collaborating agencies of the EU.

The Cost of EU Membership

The tidal wave of petty legislation and regulation from the EU that is inflicted upon business, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), suffocates enterprise and commercial activity.

The independent think tank, Open Europe, recently put the cost of EU regulation since 1998 at £4912 per UK household.

These costs are in addition to our membership fees of a little short of £15bn per annum, of which the net contribution is approximately £6.5bn and will, next year, rise to over £10bn, given Labour’s surrender of our rebate.

Of the balance repatriated back to the UK, this may only be spent in such manner as the EU determines and much of it is wasted on pointless projects. In Eastern Europe, meanwhile, vast infrastructure schemes are being financed at the expense of the British taxpayer whilst our pensioners go without.

International Trade Outside of the EU

Currently, Britain’s trade agreements are vetted and regulated by the EU. Once it is free of the EU and is an independent nation again, Britain would determine its trading arrangements by itself.

The suggestion that membership of the EU is necessary for our prosperity is nonsense. Switzerland and Norway enjoy higher standards of prosperity than Britain but remain outside the EU.

Britain would be free to negotiate trade agreements which are exclusively in its favour, in exactly the same way that Norway, Switzerland and the USA do.

By conducting our own trading agreements, particularly with the old Commonwealth nations, such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada, we will be in a position to scrap EU imposed quotas and tariffs on agricultural goods. The cost of these restrictions to the family food bill is as much as £1,000 per annum.

Turkey: The EU’s Final Solution against all European Nations

It cannot be overlooked that Turkey has applied to join the EU and is supported in this endeavour by the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats.

At a stroke, such a move would increase the EU’s Muslim population by more than 75 million — and grant them total freedom of movement with its borders.

To exacerbate matters, Turkey has just relaxed visa restrictions on many Middle Eastern nations. EU membership would therefore open the door to mass immigration from all of the Middle East and would confirm the end of Europe’s ancient and historic identification with Christendom.

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