BNP Manifesto 2010 : IT and the Digital Revolution: The BNP’s Vision

• The BNP will reinvigorate the IT sector in Britain with massive investments in technology universities.

• The BNP will institute a policy of protectionism for the local IT industry and jobs.

• The BNP will nationalise the telecoms infrastructure to enable the creation of a not- for-profit 100Mbps broadband service across the country.

• The BNP will invest in technology universities to provide the skills to our people to take their rightful place as world leaders in the IT industry.

Building Britain’s IT Skills Base

The IT service sector — like all UK industries — has suffered greatly through years of neglect caused by the de-industrialisation policies followed by successive governments.

The gutting of the British manufacturing sector, which includes IT, will be reversed by a BNP government through a two-handed approach.

– The BNP will engage in a massive policy of inward investment and protectionism of UK industries to rebuild our industrial and technological base. The funds for this will be taken from the budget cuts outlined in the economic policy section of this document.

– The BNP will build technology universities specifically designed to teach IT, train up our own people and serve as centres of learning and excellence to train the next generation of IT software and hardware experts.

This obviates the Tory/Labour regime’s policies of importing foreigners to do jobs that British people should be doing, a situation that is particularly prevalent in the IT sector, and has been identified by the Association of Personnel Service Organisation (APSO) as a cause of unemployment in the UK IT industry.

Restoring the Infrastructure to State Control

The BNP’s long-term strategy for the communication sector is closely tied in to the party’s policy of restoring the natural monopoly infrastructure to national ownership to ensure an effective universal service.

Once this process is completed, the state-owned telecoms infrastructure will be under the same universal service obligation (USO) applied to the Post Office.

The Royal Mail is legally obliged to deliver mail across the country at a standard price and at set service levels. There is no reason why the telecoms infrastructure should not be obliged to deliver similar service objectives on a non-profit basis, which will then boost the entire economy by solving the problem of a lack of digital and rural broadband availability.

Key BNP IT Policy Points

– The BNP will ensure that all personal data held by the state on any individual be made freely available to that person;

– The BNP will ensure that all personal data held by private agencies such as credit bureaus should be available to the persons concerned at no cost, and that such agencies should not be allowed to ‘blacklist’ any person without recourse to a court of law where a specific misdemeanour could be proven.

– The BNP says that internet piracy could only be defeated by focussing on the uploaders of copyrighted material, and not on the downloaders.

– The BNP is opposed to the distribution of medical files and data of individuals held by the NHS to third parties.

– A BNP government would scrap the National Identity Scheme because it is an intrusive invasion of privacy, and the Rural Payments Agency IT system, because that will become redundant upon Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

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BNP Manifesto 2010 : IT and the Digital Revolution: The BNP’s Vision

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