BNP Manifesto 2010 : Environmental Protection and the “Climate Change” Theory

• The BNP demands an end to the destruction of Britain’s green belt, caused primarily by housing demand fuelled through mass immigration.

• The BNP will launch a “polluter pays” policy in the fight against environmental damage.

• The BNP will encourage the use of existing “brown sites” for all new building or industrial developments.

• The BNP rejects the “climate change” theory which holds that all western nations need to be stripped of their manufacturing base and pay untold billions to the Third World to build up their industries.

The Environment: Threatened by Mass Immigration

Our ‘green and pleasant land’ is rapidly disappearing as Britain has become one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

Mass immigration has fuelled this overpopulation. Official estimates predict that, if left unchecked, immigration into Britain will require a city the size of Birmingham to be built every five years and result in a total population of 90 million people by 2050.

Already, immigration accounts for 40 percent of all new households established in Britain.

More people equal more roads, services, utilities, travel, noise, congestion and pollution.

The Optimum Population Trust has suggested that Britain is best suited to a population of 30 million people. Other forecasts suggest the population will shortly reach 70 million — due entirely to the demographic changes wrought by establishment politicians.

The BNP: The Only True Green Party

The BNP’s Key Environment Policies Are:

1. End Immigration to Relieve Pressure on Our Green Belts

The BNP will relieve the unbearable pressure on our green belts by ending immigration. This will, at one blow, remove the need for an extra four million homes in the green belts of England in particular.

2. Institute Strict Anti-Pollution Measures to Halt Environmental Damage

The BNP will implement a number of strict measures to halt all environmental damage caused by pollution. These measures will include:

– The creation of a “polluter pays” policy to punish transgressors.

– The creation of Environmental Courts with powers to investigate and prosecute fly-tippers, bush meat importers and commercial and industrial polluters.

– The cessation of all new intrusions into the green belt, except in special instances of genuine local need.

– Supporting inner city and suburban infill development to supply the needs for new housing and commercial space.

– Our ideal is a clean, attractive country, free of pollution in all its forms, including — where feasible — those of noise, light and congestion.

The Restoration of Aesthetic Standards to Our Architectural Heritage

The BNP will work to do away with the stark modernism of 1960s-style socialist architecture which currently blights our towns and cities.

This socialist “blockhouse” mentality and style will be replaced with a blend of aesthetically pleasing, traditional styles, made whenever possible out of local materials to retain the individual character of reach region.

To this end, we shall ensure that the traditional crafts and trades required to preserve the building styles characteristic of the UK receive the financial assistance of the Government. Thatchers, dry wall stone builders, masons, carpenters, and others will be promoted.

The Global Warming Theory

For several years, the BNP was the only party to express serious doubts over the claims of ‘global warming’.

The deluge of recent revelations over the fraud, deception and distortion used in promoting this theory has undermined public confidence in the concept and has proven the BNP’s original scepticism correct.

Climate has always changed but this process has been both natural and cyclical. In Roman times, vines were grown as far north as Hadrian’s Wall and olives were cultivated elsewhere in England.

Most of the underlying tenets of the global warming theory — including the ‘hockey stick’ graph and global temperature rises — have been shown to be either completely fraudulent or grossly exaggerated.

Those who recall the 1970s scare of ‘global cooling’ will know that these manias grip the media and easily-swayed politicians from time to time.

The sinister aspect of the global warming theory is however that for the first time the currently ruling elite seek to punish the British public financially directly through increased taxes to give to the Third World as “compensation” for this hoax; and to de-industrialise Britain through the imposition of impossible environmental targets.

Billions of pounds have already been added to taxpayers’ utility bills — a scandal which last winter saw the death of up to 40,000 elderly due to hypothermia because of the levy on fuel, which has rendered household heating unaffordable.

The end result of the ‘global warming’ theory is that the West will be de-industrialised and taxed to provide even more “aid” to the Third World and to build up the industries of China and India in particular.

This will have a disastrous effect on what is left of the British economy and manufacturing industry.

The BNP is the only party to question the global warming theory and to argue in favour of a reasonable, calm and rational approach to environmental care.

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