BNP Manifesto 2010 : Energy: Fuelling the Nation’s Growth

• The BNP is committed to research into renewable and quasi-renewable energy sources and transmission systems, such as wave power, hydrogen fuel, and nuclear energy.

• The BNP rejects the notion that our nation’s nuclear power stations should be owned by foreign investors.

• The BNP opposes the punitive taxation mandated by the other parties’ adherence to the global warming theory and the “carbon credit” racket.

• The BNP will stop the building of wind turbines which are inefficient and blight the landscape.

• The BNP will investigate clean-burning coal-fired power plants as another method of dealing with increased energy demands.

The Energy Crisis Must be Addressed

Britain faces a severe energy crisis which has been caused by a combination of an increased population, privatisation, failure of forward planning and the closure of coal- fired power stations.

Once the immigration problem has been dealt with, demand for power will go down. This by itself will not solve the problem, but will significantly alleviate it.

The BNP is urgently committed to a policy of national energy independence, based, as far as possible, on renewable energy sources.

Key BNP Energy Policies

– We shall fund research into renewable and quasi-renewable energy sources and transmission systems, such as wave power, hydrogen fuel, and nuclear energy.

– We shall end the current government’s policy of meeting Britain’s Copenhagen obligations, which are based on the unproved science of ‘man-made’ global warming.

– We shall increase nuclear power generation with a view to providing 40 percent of the UK’s energy requirements. The UK was once a world leader in nuclear power but the technology was discouraged by successive governments and exploited abroad. The last world-class British nuclear power company was sold by the Government in 2006.

– We shall ensure that nuclear power stations in Britain are returned to mixed British public and private ownership and not run for the profit of foreign investors.

– We shall cease the pointless construction of inefficient wind turbines. So far, over 2000 have been built, at vast public subsidy, but they contribute less than one percent of the UK’s energy needs. Billions have been earmarked by the Government for their ongoing expansion — which forms the essential part of our EU obligations to generate a percentage of our energy from renewable sources by 2020.

– We oppose the thesis behind ‘carbon capture’. This is a technology that not only doubles the price of electricity but is undeveloped and potentially environmentally damaging.

– Britain continues to possess significant reserves of coal, sufficient perhaps for several centuries depending upon the rate of consumption. We shall therefore support the construction and reconstruction of coal-based generation plants, with the most modern clean air technology.

– We shall repeal the ill-informed Climate Change Act and all related EU legislation that is detrimental to our interests, including the EU’s Carbon Tax.

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