BNP Manifesto 2010 : Democracy and the Media

• The BNP will enact legislation which will hold journalists and their media outlets criminally liable for knowingly publishing falsehoods.

• The BNP will create a media complaints body which will have the power to grant slandered persons or institutions the right of reply with equal prominence plus financial compensation in serious cases.

The Manipulation of Democracy

A danger to genuine democracy emanates from the concentration of ownership and control of the mass media — not least foreign ownership, where the primary loyalty is not to the UK.

We refer to the two great issues of the day where there has been virtually no debate, consent or consultation with the electorate: multiculturalism and the EU superstate.

Indeed the media, especially the broadcasting media — and especially the state- controlled BBC — have actively promoted both. The silent majority has been denied any debate.

Presently, the ‘Fourth Estate’ is subject to no democratic check or control. We shall address these difficulties as part of our campaign to strengthen and extend genuine democracy.

The BNP will require that the media tell the truth in its reports. In the words of the late Lord Northcliffe, “The function of a journalist is to get at the truth.”

We will enact laws to ensure that the undue influence of the media in terms of free debate is subjected to a democratic system, enabling all sections of our society free and unfettered access.

The ability of the media to propel political parties to power via undue promotion and behind-the-scenes negotiation subverts the political process.

The BNP has been the victim of incessant media mendacity and entirely unjustifiable smears and it has often been denied justice by the Press Complaints Commission.

We shall therefore replace the PCC — an organisation overseen by those interests upon which it is supposed to sit in judgement — with an independent body with the power to grant the victims of media falsehood the right of reply with equal prominence plus financial compensation in serious cases.

For grave offences, we shall create a new criminal offence embracing the ‘deliberate dissemination of falsehoods about an individual or organisation for financial or political gain’.

We support the right of legitimate editorial comment and opinion, subject to the simple requirement of truth.

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