BNP Manifesto 2010 : Culture, Traditions and Civil Society

• The BNP will take steps to promote the traditional British concepts of civility and courteousness by ensuring that they are taught in school.

• The BNP will oppose the intrusion of non-British and alien cultural influences which undermine our traditional value systems.

• The BNP will encourage the teaching of British history, culture and traditions at schools.

• The BNP will seek to promote the traditional high-street shopping environment over the out-of-town shopping centre.

• The BNP will ensure that National Lottery funding is spent on projects which enhance British culture, rather than degrade it.

• The BNP will introduce formal bank holidays for all of our nations’ patron saints.

• The BNP will take legislative steps to protect Britain’s pubs, which will include tax concessions, smoking rooms under strict supervision and a lowering of tax on alcohol served in public houses.

Combating the Erosion of British Culture

The character of daily life in Britain is becoming corroded by the gradual but inexorable loss of many of those things that made Britain civilised.

Culture, tradition, civility and heritage cannot be reduced to issues of economics or distorted by politically correct interference.

Englishness especially has been undermined in recent years, as has the entire concept of British identity, which embraces so much of the regional and national characteristics within these islands.

As we have previously observed, the people of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are bound together by blood and this close connection ensures an overlap of culture, heritage and tradition.

We desire the preservation of our culture, heritage, and identity. Our national character and native institutions are a precious heritage which reflect our origins and are an expression of our genetic identity.

We support a return to the traditional standards of civility and politeness in British life.

Courtesy, which is about consideration for others, should be taught in school, and demanded of government employees in their interactions with the public.

Alien Cultural Influences

The BNP disapproves of the malign influences of the international media and their promulgation, for example, of ‘celebrity culture’ which is often of a nature that is both pernicious and subversive.

Television should strive to depict improved standards of conduct rather than reducing much within its remit to the lowest common denominator.

Often, the media portrays the white working class in the most negative, unattractive and unacceptable light. This practice must stop.

Halt the Destruction of Our Traditional Town Centres

The BNP shall halt, apart from exceptional circumstances, the proliferation of out-of- town shopping centres which undermine the traditional high street.

We shall impose a special tax of one percent of turnover on the large supermarket groups, the proceeds of which will be used to reduce the council tax for small businesses and tradesmen on the high street.

Schools: A Return to Traditional Values

The BNP will ensure that appropriate areas of public life, including school assemblies, are based on a commitment to the values of traditional Western Christianity, as a benchmark for a decent and civilised society.

Schools will be encouraged to celebrate May Day and similar ancient festivals, but also the great days within our national British calendar.

Traditional British history, culture and citizenship will be taught. Music shall be encouraged in schools, between the ages of five and fourteen. In particular, folk songs should be revived and especially those that embody our nation’s history.

Those of foreign ethnic descent will be given the choice of educating their children in faith or folk schools that will teach them the traditions and heritage of their ancestral cultures, or of attending classes in schools that educate them about their ancestral heritage.

We believe that all children suffer when deprived of their right to an ancestral identity and contact with their cultural origins.

Art and Culture

The BNP will ensure that the distribution of National Lottery funds takes place in a fashion which encourages British culture, and not to so-called ‘modern art’ projects that insult, debase and discredit art.

Similar considerations apply to the Turner Prize, which has long become a degenerate icon of modern day social engineering.

The BNP will terminate the type of funding overseen by the National Lottery and ensure it is rebased on sound lines and truly popular causes.

The boards which determine lottery grant applications shall be selected by ballot from lists of individuals who have raised significant sums of money for local charities, or who have a record of voluntary service to the public.

The BNP will safeguard British weights and measures, such as the mile and the pint.

Finally, we propose that each of our traditional saints’ days be declared a public holiday in the relevant nations in question, with Trafalgar Day becoming an additional public holiday throughout the UK.

Saving Britain’s Pubs

The public house is in many ways at the core of community life in Britain and very often acts as an informal community centre. The pub has in fact become part of our cultural heritage and has become as symbolic of Britain as the red telephone box or Dover cliffs.

It is therefore shocking to learn that pubs are closing at the rate of nearly three every week. The causes of this sad state of affairs are varied.

In some areas it is because the indigenous British population has been ethnically cleansed and the new immigrant communities have no interest in maintaining that aspect of British culture.

In other areas it is the economy, or rather the Government’s mishandling of the economy, which is the cause of these closures.

The BNP is dedicated to saving the British pub through a number of measures designed to bring relief to landlords and the public alike.

– The BNP will give business tax rate relief to landlords to reflect their role as unofficial community centres.

– The BNP will give landlords the right to designate a room in their establishment as a smoking room with the proviso that a powerful extractor fan be provided to protect bar staff.

– The BNP will restrict the power of breweries to force tenants to buy only their beer.

-The BNP will introduce a duty-free area for small and medium-sized pubs selling local beers as long as they operate within thirty miles of where the beer is brewed.

– The BNP would also reduce the duty on alcohol sold in pubs through an increase in tax on beers and ciders sold in supermarkets.

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