BNP Manifesto 2010 : Conclusion

The manifesto you have read is a working document.

As political, economic and social change occurs, or as new technological advances are developed and new knowledge is uncovered, our policies might adapt.

However, we will never alter our fundamental values or principles, which call for national and cultural regeneration.

Those values embrace our commitment to the principle of national sovereignty, and our commitment to ensure that these islands will remain our homeland for all time.

Furthermore, our principles demand that all economic and social structures, institutions and legislation, must be built or developed around the fundamentals of ensuring the freedom and security of our people and maintaining our unique cultural and ethnic identity.

We believe that the material contained in our manifesto will strike a chord with ordinary British folk who are deeply concerned about the future of their country and the way it is run today.

Britons have been betrayed by the old parties and their politicians; they have been fleeced to pay for public services which do not deliver, and they have been gagged by political correctness.

The British National Party has the policies, plans and people to put the great back into Britain.

We hope that we can count on your support to start this process.

©2010 British National Party.

BNP Manifesto 2010

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BNP Manifesto 2010 : Conclusion

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