BNP Manifesto 2010 : British National Party Key Pledges

Defending Britain: BNP Defence Policy

• The BNP will end the involvement of British troops in the Afghanistan war

• The BNP will not allow British forces to become involved in a war against Iran

• The BNP will withdraw our troops from Germany

• The BNP will renegotiate our presence in NATO

• The BNP will raise Defence spending by one percent over the rate of inflation for the next five years

• The BNP will institute a Community Award Scheme for young people

Immigration: An Unparalleled Crisis Which Only the BNP Can Solve

• At current immigration and birth rates, indigenous British people are set to become a minority well within 50 years. This will result in the extinction of the British people, culture, heritage and identity.

• The BNP will take all steps necessary to halt and reverse this process. These steps will include a halt to all further immigration, the deportation of all illegal immigrants, a halt to the “asylum” swindle and the promotion of the already existing voluntary repatriation scheme.

• The BNP recognises the right of legally settled and law-abiding minorities to remain in the UK and enjoy the full protection of the law, on the understanding that the indigenous population of Britain has the right to remain the majority population of our nation.

• The BNP will deport all foreigners convicted of crimes in Britain, regardless of their immigration status.

• The BNP will review all citizenship grants awarded since Labour entered government in 1997, based on that party’s admission that they orchestrated mass immigration to change forcibly Britain’s demographics and to gerrymander elections.

• The BNP will repeal the Race Relations Act and all other far leftist social engineering projects, such as the Equalities and Human Rights Commission aimed at enforcing multiculturalism.

• The BNP will regain sovereign control of our borders by increasing funding to the UK Border Agency.

Environmental Protection and the “Climate Change” Theory

• The BNP demands an end to the destruction of Britain’s green belt, caused primarily by housing demand fuelled through mass immigration.

• The BNP will launch a “polluter pays” policy in the fight against environmental damage.

• The BNP will encourage the use of existing “brown sites” for all new building or industrial developments.

• The BNP rejects the “climate change” theory which holds that all western nations need to be stripped of their manufacturing base and pay untold billions to the Third World to build up their industries.

Leaving the European Union

• The BNP loves Europe but hates the EU.

• The BNP demands an immediate withdrawal from the European Union, which is an organisation dedicated to usurping British sovereignty and to destroying our nationhood and national identity.

• The BNP will end the annual multibillion cash haemorrhage Britain pays out to the EU in membership fees and regulatory costs. This money will be spent on building infrastructure in Britain and alleviating poverty and unemployment at home.

Counter Jihad: Confronting the Islamic Colonisation of Britain

• The BNP is implacably opposed to the Labour/Tory regime’s mass immigration policies which, if left unchecked, will see Britain and most of Europe colonised by Islam within a few decades.

• The BNP believes that the historical record shows that Islam is by its very nature incompatible with modern secular western democracy.

• The BNP will ban the burka, ritual slaughter and the building of further mosques in Britain.

• The BNP believes that there should be absolutely no further immigration from any Muslim countries, as it presents one of the most deadly threats yet to the survival of our nation.

• We propose the immediate deportation of all radical Islamist preachers, those proven to have attended any of their inflammatory sermons, and any other members of their community who object to these reasonable security measures.

• The BNP is the only party to identify correctly the twin causes of Islamist terrorism in Britain: (a) mass immigration and (b) a biased British foreign policy which serves to incite Muslims living in Britain.

Renationalising the Welfare State

• The BNP will halt the handout of benefits, housing, education and pensions to foreigners who have not paid into the system.

• The BNP will ensure that the National Health Service is used to serve British people and not used as an International Health Service.

• The BNP will provide education and training for the unemployed to enable them to get back into work.

• The BNP will institute a workfare-not-welfare policy for those who refuse to get back to work.

Freedom for All: The Restoration of Our Civil Liberties

• The BNP will repeal all legislation enacted by successive Labour and Tory regimes which have usurped the British people’s basic civil liberties.

• The BNP will circumvent the erosion of our liberties by the old gang parties under the guise of “fighting terrorism” by dealing with the root causes of Islamist extremism in Britain, namely mass immigration and Britain’s biased foreign policy.

• The BNP will repeal all laws aimed at restricting freedom of speech, including those relating to race relations and religion.

• The BNP rejects ID cards as an undesirable manifestation of the surveillance society.

• The BNP will repeal the 1998 Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, both of which are exploited to abuse Britain’s hospitality by the world’s scroungers.

• By withdrawing from the EU, the BNP will not permit British courts to be subservient to international bodies or courts which override the law of the British parliament.

Constitutional Change: Protecting and Enhancing Our Heritage

• The BNP will devolve all powers properly capable of exercise to local level and revived county council government.

• The BNP will create an English parliament in Westminster.

• The BNP will create a pan-British parliament to oversee those policy areas currently determined by Westminster and invite the Irish Republic to join as an equal partner.

• The BNP will reform the House of Lords to include non-party political experts and individuals chosen on the grounds of talent and service.

• The BNP will introduce citizens’ initiative referenda to force government to adhere to the will of the voters on specific subjects.

• The BNP will introduce a new Bill of Rights which will guarantee certain basic civil liberties.

• The BNP will enact legislation forbidding interference in the electoral process by third parties not partaking in an election.

• The BNP will restrict the use of postal voting only to those incapable of getting to the polling station on election day.

Democracy and the Media

• The BNP will enact legislation which will hold journalists and their media outlets criminally liable for knowingly publishing falsehoods.

• The BNP will create a media complaints body which will have the power to grant slandered persons or institutions the right of reply with equal prominence plus financial compensation in serious cases.

Culture, Traditions and Civil Society

• The BNP will take steps to promote the traditional British concepts of civility and courteousness by ensuring that they are taught in schools.

• The BNP will oppose the intrusion of non-British and alien cultural influences which undermine our traditional value systems.

• The BNP will encourage the teaching of British history, culture and traditions in schools.

• The BNP will seek to promote the traditional high-street shopping environment over the out-of-town shopping centre.

• The BNP will ensure that National Lottery funding is spent on projects which enhance British culture, rather than degrade it.

• The BNP will introduce formal bank holidays for all of our nations’ patron saints.

• The BNP will take legislative steps to protect Britain’s pubs, which will include tax concessions, smoking rooms under strict supervision and a lowering of tax on alcohol served in public houses.

Time to Get Tough on Crime and Criminals

• The BNP will end the culture where criminals’ rights are placed above those of victims of crime.

• The BNP will abolish political correctness from the police service in favour of real crime fighting.

• The BNP will review the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) in order to remove unnecessary bureaucracy from the police service’s duties.

• The BNP will reintroduce capital punishment for drug dealers, child murderers, multiple murderers, murderers of policemen on duty and terrorists where guilt is proven beyond all doubt.

• The BNP will reintroduce the right of householders to defend themselves and their property using whatever means they deem necessary.

• The BNP will establish a penal station for extremely dangerous/violent repeat criminals (including rapists) on the British island of South Georgia.

A Healthy Nation: Public Health and the NHS

• The BNP will end the scandalous situation of NHS underfunding by reallocating money from the foreign aid budget. The reported NHS deficit is £620 million and the current foreign aid budget is £9.1 billion.

• The BNP will increase spending on front line staff while cutting back bureaucracy in the NHS.

• The BNP will end the £2 billion per year “health tourism” scandal.

• The BNP will give priority to employing British people at affordable wages in the NHS and halt the recruitment of Third World-origin staff who are needed in their own nations.

• The BNP will cut waiting times and service difficulties by relieving the immigration burden upon the NHS.

Education for a British Future

• The BNP will reverse the budget cuts on education and prioritise this sector as vital to the rebuilding of our nation.

• The BNP will bring back traditional syllabi and teaching methods to replace the current and obviously failed systems currently being used.

• The BNP will bring back streaming and grammar schools.

• The BNP will bring back academic and sporting competition at all levels of education.

• The BNP will offer free university education to deserving students who have completed their period of Community Service.

Transport: Getting Britain Moving Again

• The BNP will make rail travel affordable once again by reversing the disastrous privatisation process which has grossly inflated ticket prices.

• The BNP will reduce traffic congestion by bringing the immigration invasion under control.

• The BNP will invest in a high speed 200 mph magnetic levitation inter-city rail network.

• The BNP will seek to decrease the price of fuel which is already comprised of at least 63 percent government tax.

• The BNP will charge foreign trucks for the right to use Britain’s road network, as other European nations already do.

• The BNP will encourage and support the development of alternative transportation technologies to ultimately replace the internal combustion engine.

Agriculture: Food and Fisheries

• The BNP will promote British agriculture by gradually phasing out the EU’s CAP subsidies and replacing them with a viable UK system.

• The BNP will forbid the development and importation of genetically modified produce.

• The BNP will encourage the regeneration of the family farm as the core structure of Britain’s agricultural sector.

• The BNP will investigate the need for a massive soil reinvigoration scheme.

• The BNP will outlaw non-stunned ritual slaughter of animals.

• The BNP will bring back our nation’s traditional 200 mile coastal fishing exclusivity zone.

Energy: Fuelling the Nation’s Growth

• The BNP is committed to research into renewable and quasi-renewable energy sources and transmission systems, such as wave power, hydrogen fuel, and nuclear energy.

• The BNP rejects the notion that our nation’s nuclear power stations should be owned by foreign investors.

• The BNP opposes the punitive taxation mandated by the other parties’ adherence to the global warming theory and the “carbon credit” racket.

• The BNP will stop the building of wind turbines which are inefficient and blight the landscape.

• The BNP will investigate clean-burning coal-fired power plants as another method of dealing with increased energy demands.

Foreign Policy: Putting British Interests First

• The BNP will realign British foreign policy to put our nation’s interests first.

• The BNP will undertake not to interfere with the sovereignty of any other nation, and those in the Middle East in particular.

• The BNP would only deploy British armed forces in a conflict in which Britain’s interests were directly involved.

• The BNP will end the foreign aid swindle and reallocate the money saved to help British people.

Housing: Sheltering the Nation

• The BNP will allow local authorities to borrow on the open market to provide housing in their locality.

• The BNP will abolish the Homes and Community and Regional Development agencies and transfer regeneration and housing functions to local councils.

• The BNP will place each local council under a legal duty to build a number of homes set to a percentage of the waiting list total each year. These would only be available to British citizens.

• The BNP will introduce a “local connection test” for any applicant seeking social housing in terms of which they would need to demonstrate a positive and historical link to the area.

• The BNP will create a national infrastructure bank to promote regeneration and national infrastructure renewal.

• The BNP will relieve part of the housing crisis by halting and reversing the immigration invasion.

The Economy: Putting Britain Back on the Road to Recovery

• A BNP government would tackle the national debt problem by cutting expenditure on all projects which do not serve British interests.

• These expenditures which will be cut include the annual costs of £18 billion spent on “global warming,” the £13 billion spent on immigration, the £4 billion spent on asylum, the £15 billion spent on EU membership, the £9.1 billion spent on foreign aid, the billions spent fighting illegal and immoral foreign wars, and the billions spent on “politically correct” social engineering projects.

• The BNP undertakes not to reduce front-line public services while billions of pounds continue to flow out of the country to foreign interests. British people must benefit first from British tax income.

• The BNP aims to relieve the tax burden by raising the personal non-taxable allowance to £12,500.

• The BNP will encourage the family unit by reintroducing the married man’s allowance by as much as £2,500, depending upon the presence of children.

• The BNP will raise the inheritance tax level to £1 million.

• The BNP will work for a reduction in council tax through the slashing of all politically correct council functions and “diversity” schemes.

• The BNP would take some of these savings and invest them in rebuilding British industry and skills through an active protectionist policy as many other European nations already do.

• The BNP will rebuild Britain’s skills base — lost through decades of deindustrialisation caused by successive Tory and Labour regimes — by offering generous subsidies to students who study engineering and science and to institutions offering such education.

• The BNP will ensure that globalist corporations pay their fair share of the tax burden. We will close down the legal loopholes which allow tax evasion through Transfer Pricing and the outsourcing of jobs to foreign nations.

• The BNP will therefore introduce legislation to ensure that a foreign acquisition of any significantly-sized British company is judged to be in the public and national interest before it can proceed.

• The BNP will pass legislation to separate utility (high street) banks from the investment banking sector to prevent a repeat of the credit crisis.

• The BNP will oppose the privatisation of natural monopolies such as Royal Mail.

Creating Local Economies

• The BNP would support local economies by creating a national network of autonomous credit unions.

• The BNP would investigate the viability of voluntary local currencies as a means of assisting local economies.

Pensions: Looking After Our Old People

• The BNP aims to increase the state pension to £150 per week within the duration of the first Parliament.

• The BNP will link the state pension to earnings which will ensure that pensioner incomes keep pace with the cost of living.

• The BNP will reduce the current annual allowance for tax relief on pension contributions from the present amount of approximately £230,000 to £75,000.

• A solution to the public sector pensions crisis must be found through a national conference with all the players — employers and workers’ representatives.

• Part of the solution lies in raising the age of retirement to 68 over a period of years.

• The BNP will enact legislation to ensure that pensions are eligible only to Britons and those who have fully paid into the system.

• The BNP will vigorously oppose the UK taxpayer being called upon to subsidise any pension underfunding crisis elsewhere in the EU.

IT and the Digital Revolution: The BNP’s Vision

• The BNP will reinvigorate the IT sector in Britain with massive investments in technology universities.

• The BNP will institute a policy of protectionism for the local IT industry and jobs.

• The BNP will nationalise the telecoms infrastructure to enable the creation of a not-for-profit 100Mbps broadband service across the country.

• The BNP will invest in technology universities to provide the skills to our people to take their rightful place as world leaders in the IT industry.

BNP Manifesto 2010

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