Comment on BNP Manifesto 2010 General Election by Black Diamond.

I seriously don’t comprehend what you think Asians have done you say Asaians are terrorists actually NO they’re not Youd be callling the Chinese the Inidans the Japanese and soo on all terrorist and Im sorry but have you heard of Hitler he did the same thing he told everyone that The Jews were causng havoc and that they needed to be killed for what they had done to their country look what happenened it started a war and the same is going on here and NOW, putting a racist party and YES it is racist, into ower will make things better so basically they’re going to stop Carribbean comin in the country because they think they’ll bring in drugs theyll stop Africans cos of teh same and they think theyl start Brothels and Gangs, theyll stop the Polish cos they’re stealing our Jobs theyll stop the asians cps they think they’ll bomb us we ARE BEING BRAINWASHED. Sorry but does this remind you of North Korea or is it just me.