Comment on BNP Manifesto 2010 General Election by emmeline.

If you had done any research before writing your xenophobic and hateful manifesto you would know that if a refugee is granted asylum seeker status they CANNOT be illegal. Thus the concept of the ‘illegal’ asylum seeker makes no sense at all. It is icredibly difficult to be granted asylum in this country – 75% of all applications are rejected straight away – therefore the idea that those who ARE granted asylum status could possibly be ‘bogus’ is utterly ridiculous.

Furthermore, the manifesto suggests that Britain acts as a refuge for more than our fair share of asylum seekers. This is complete fallacy. The reality is that countries neighbouring those being fled hold the majority of the world’s asylum seekers. Moreover, asylum claims in the UK per capita are below the European average: for 2010, the UK received 0.37 asylum applications per 1000 inhabitants, compared to 0.55 across Europe.

I would also like to pick up on the stupid assumption that what happens in other countries has nothing to do with the UK. Countries are not isolated entities and Britain is most certainly not innocent in its involvement with countries which now find themselves in conflict (e.g. Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, former African colonies, the list goes on). Do you honestly believe that you in some way ‘earnt’ your right to be British, that the children, mothers and fathers born into war torn countries in some deserved that fate? If not then we should treat them as we would like to be treated should that be us. If so then you are as vile and racist as everybody thinks you are.