Comment on BNP Immigration Policy by john.

The anti-BNPers always say “oh bnp have no support” “they will never get in power” etc etc…. Well 55% of the population support bnp policies as proved by the sky news poll last year. (google it).. Bnp got 1 million votes against all odds, the media organised a massive smear campaign against the bnp , including newspapers, TV, radio, Internet, anti bnpers, uaf – even a organisation in the usa joined in with the elite to smear bnp. but guess what…. the bnp still made the breakthrough they wanted. Now this will encourage alot more people to come out and vote for the bnp, Nick griffin now has a very strong platform to expose the media lies that maybe put off some voters. Times are changing- the liberals have had power for way to long !!

UP the bnp !!! :D