Comment on BNP Immigration Policy by Canadian BNP supporter!!!.

First of all, I’d like to say i don’t live in Great Britain, I am Canadian. With that said, i still agree with the BNP policies of immigration. If anything, having purely english born football players would only make the sport more exciting. The fact is most football players arn’t white, they are black, just stating the obvious here, but black people are african. So when the french are playing africans on the french team, and the english are playing africans on the english team, and the italians are playing africans on the italian team, is it really going to be england vs. france? or france vs italy? it’s all africans vs. africans! In my opinion thats boring as hell. Theres no pride in your own team or heritage when your country wins anymore because 80% of your home team is from another country. Just like hockey in Canada. You think if Team canada imported a bunch of black guys from africa cause they are better athletes, just so we would have a better chance of winning, people would still watch? hell no! cause they arnt canadian! sure, maybe if you had purely english football players your team wouldnt win as much, but at least you’ve got some sense of pride when your team does win. try showing a little support for your own background and heritage people. vote BNP!