Comment on BNP Immigration Policy by David.

Max in case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m deleting many of your comments.

If you read the commenting policy you will have read

“I’m also going to delete any small comments that add nothing to the debates”

Silly little comments like

“communism doesn’t work
so being honest i’ll take freedom at any cost”

that are not worthy of debate are deleted. Remember this isn’t a forum where it doesn’t matter if low quality comments are added because the software creates another page (on a forum each page is limited to say 20 comments). With blog software (WordPress) the comments are threaded, each page allows just 10 threads (I had to set it really low), but each thread can potential stretch to about 100 comments, which means a page like this could have 1,000 comments!!! I can’t let little comments that add nothing to the debates to remain, I have to limit them to make the site work.

The comment of yours I’m responding to is very low quality (I considered deleting it), all you do is insult the previous commenter and add unverifiable information. For all we know you are a white unemployed skinhead with Nazi tattoos all over your body, but it would be wrong to make that assumption and stereotype you as a typical BNP supporter. Yet you make the assumption you could do Jimbob’s job without even knowing what he does (could be a brain surgeon for all you know) and that he is a coward. Why did you insult him like that?

I’m getting bored of having to read your comments and decide if I should keep them or not. If it was the odd low quality comment, that would be fine, we all create the odd one or two. Yours are 90% low quality, add some effort to your comments or I’ll take the easy root and delete them all.

Remember commenting on my site is a privilege not a right, so put some effort into your response or I’ll delete them all.


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BNP Immigration Policy Would Damage the Game of Football

BNP immigration policy regarding football is an example of immigration your average BNP supporter might actually understand.

Had I said BNP immigration will damage scientific breakthroughs, cancer research, technology advances etc… …

BNP Immigration Policy Would Damage the Game of Football

“I’d love to meet you in a pub, ranting about BNP.”

Why, what would you do to Jimbob if you heard him talking about the BNP that way?

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BNP Immigration Policy Would Damage the Game of Football

Sheesh, another loony toon BNP supporter notices I don’t support the BNP and their far right wing fringe political ideas.

What a big upset that will be at the general election. …

BNP Immigration Policy Would Damage the Game of Football

Did I read your comment correctly that you think the BNP will get rid of Nick Griffin soon?

Come to think of it Nick Griffin has pretty much handed the seats …

BNP Immigration Policy Would Damage the Game of Football

I don’t know a great deal about football, but I do know the average footballer is not paid millions. It’s the minority like Rooney, Beckham, Ronaldo etc… that get the …

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