Comment on BNP Immigration Policy by P.F. Darlington.

No interest in football. It was the beautiful game – it is no longer. Too much money involved. Everything now is celebrity. The real heroes are unsung – good lads (and lasses) who risk their lives defusing bombs etc. in a hellhole that they were despatched to by a government that wants to break the good things about this country. I hate ideology. I do vote BNP despite their leader not being too coherent (due to be changed I reckon) – its the message that matters. Immigrating an amorphous mass of people who hate us ”long term residents” and show it by wearing the burka etc. and refuse to learn English (or Welsh) is the action of a treasonable government. Members of which also are guilty of robbing their fellow citizens. The punishment for which should be shooting. I mean it.
I remember the country poorer but with far better
community relations. Every step this government takes degrades this country. I believe in worldwide genetic diversity but not all stuck on one small island. Rainbow nation = rainbow hellhole.
Next to these truly important issues, do you really think I care about a ball game?????