Comment on BNP Immigration Policy by David.

I can’t find fault in your arguments above Sarah, but it still doesn’t detract from the fact many BNP policies are a joke.

It should concern any potential BNP voter that whoever wrote the BNP policies hasn’t got a clue about how to run our country and aren’t even smart enough to write policy documents that make sense: note I’m not talking here about writing the best possible policies for the country, just that when read they make sense.

For example there is no sense in the BNP pulling all our soldiers out of wars, (I want our soldiers home as well BTW) stating up front we will not go into a war unless we have to, (which I agree with) BUT on the other hand increase our armed forces strength and all adults have to do military national service. So in the future we won’t be part of NATO type wars, but we’ll be increasing the size of our armed forces (the majority will have military training). If we aren’t going to have any more wars why do we need more soldiers, why does everyone need military training, what are they for and isn’t that a waste of tax payers money? Wouldn’t it be better to train people in useful skills so they can compete in the 21st century world economy, why waste money on military training if we don’t need it under a BNP government? Suggests the BNP are either incompetent or have ulterior motives: maybe world domination, they do talk a lot about a war with Islam, who knows!

The BNP and it’s supporters can argue it’s not important as they’ll never get their current policies passed, even if they did win loads of seats, (I think they’d be shocked if they got 10 MPs), but the truth is the BNP can’t even write a decent policy document that makes sense.

It’s not too much to ask that their policies add up. I suppose under the BNP the government would have bought Cadbury’s to keep it British. Where would that 11 billion come from?

It’s a BNP policy to buy back/acquire foreign owned British lands and businesses, but the reality is the government could never afford to pay for even a fraction of British businesses that are foreign owned (they’d have to steal them) and more importantly it would drive foreign investment away from our shores and that would be an economic disaster (would cost millions of jobs). Why do the BNP officials who wrote their policy documents not understand this? It suggests they are quite frankly stupid!

I have to agree with you it would be funny to see the BNP win all their seats, Nick Griffin as PM, he lacks the ability to run a country, he couldn’t even run a business successfully (he was declared bankrupt)!


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