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So Roger, you think that allowing everyone who completes National Service to have a Rifle and ammunition in their home will reduce the crime rate?

You think that anyone who refuses to complete National service should have their right to vote removed?

Because by voting BNP that’s what you are agreeing to.

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BNP Immigration Policy Would Damage the Game of Football


You are in serious need of taking off your own rose tinted glasses, Street Parties? get real man the last time that happened was in the 70’s.

As for religion less …

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General Election 2010 Poll Results

And a message for David,

You did a great job with this website besides all the dross you had to contend with from certain elements of the BNP.

I bet you are …

General Election 2010 Poll Results

Sorry I haven’t responded to any of the replies sent re my original I told you so post, been busy doing some other things, including finally taking a few days …

General Election 2010 Poll Results

I have to agree, by not voting you are wasting your vote on a party that you may not have wanted to win.

Every person that doesn’t vote may as well …

BNP Manifesto 2010 : Immigration: An Unparalleled Crisis Which Only the BNP Can Solve

Which is why we need a sensible Gov to invest in training for British workers, but the BNP certainly isn’t that sensible Government.

If you have seen one of their plans …

General Election 2010 Poll Results

OOps lol, you can delete these two as well then David you beat me too it :) …