Comment on BNP Immigration Policy by David.

I’m not sure if your last couple of paragraphs should be read as “The BNP won’t win this election, so what their policies are don’t really matter, there’s other reasons for voting BNP”?

If not I’ve heard this argument before as an excuse for how poorly thought out the BNP’s policies are, so…

I’m sorry, but politicians are meant to be aiming to run our country, I don’t care which party they stand for, their policies should be realistic and well thought out and be able to withstand scrutiny from an eligible voter like myself** and anyone else reading them.

**I’m not that political, as mentioned before this website is my first step into politics and if I can easily tear big holes in BNP policies, with my limited political experience, they’ve got something wrong!

You can suggest football players might fall under the exceptions criteria, but why would they, why would foreign footballers be more important under a BNP government than doctors, nurses, dentists, plumbers, scientists, engineers, teachers…?

Like you I’m not that bothered about football (probably watch 3 games a year when nothing else on TV, not including World Cup matches) and so it wouldn’t have any impact on my life if Manchester United etc… could only hire British born people. However, I would be affected if they stopped doctors, nurses, dentists etc… entering the country to work and eventually settle as British citizens, do they fall under the BNP exceptions?

Surely a well thought out immigration policy would take this sort of thing into account from day one and not leave it under exceptional cases? Like with the UKIP immigration policy:

“The party says work permits should continue to be issued to companies requiring employees to work in the UK throughout this moratorium period.”

UKIP Policies : Immigration

Like you I’m not sure about the UKIP five-year moratorium on immigration policy, though for different reasons, I think the period is too long. I wouldn’t have an issue with a one or two year freeze on immigration whilst new legislation etc… is passed.

The BNP immigration policy is open ended and since the BNP pretty much blame everything wrong with Britain on immigration I don’t see them restarting immigration in the future. Seriously do you?

My reading of the BNP is they want to close our borders, remove as many non British people from Britain (especially Muslims) as possible, take back control of British land and businesses and become self sufficient in both manufacturing, energy production and farming. I assume the concept is we’ll be able to train British born people to be our doctors etc… and so won’t need immigration.

Unfortunately for the BNP policies, we live in the real world where we no longer control 3/4s of the worlds resources, we rely heavily on trade (we’d starve and freeze without it) and don’t have a highly skilled population to fill all skilled jobs.

To achieve what the BNP wants would take decades and in the meantime we’d need immigration to fill the gap (takes a decade to train a doctor including GCSE’s and A-Levels). A smart immigration policy would be to control immigration in a way that benefits Britain, we’d only let in skilled workers we NEED, whilst encouraging our young people to take on skills we need, so long term (a decade from now) we’d need less immigration (labour and the Conservatives have policies for this sort of thing).

Also don’t get me wrong I think we should be more self sufficient, for example it’s madness to have to rely on countries like Russia for our gas and Iraq for our oil, the sooner we develop renewable energy sources (which we HAVE to achieve by the middle of this century) the better!


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